How to Use Your Frameless Glass Showerscreens Safely

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It is not only aging people who have poor close-up eyesight; many younger people do too. So if you are thinking about installing frameless glass showerscreens, or if you have recently upgraded your home to include them, it is essential to know how to use them safely.  Glass in the bathroom has many advantages in allowing the light to shine into every corner, visually enhancing the entire room and making it seem bigger.

However, the experts at Shower Screens Perth advise those with eyesight that is not as sharp as it could be might tend to bump into glass screens. To prevent this from happening all you need to do is place a sticker of some kind on the glass door of the shower screen. Place it at eye level or a little lower, but not so low that it doesn’t catch your line of sight as soon as you enter the bathroom

Once you can see where the door is, you’ll have no trouble knowing where those almost invisible walls are as well.  Older people may even appreciate having a sticker on each wall as well, because once they are in the shower without spectacles and with water running down their face, they may find it more difficult to keep track of where they are in relation to walls and doors.



Are Your Windows Carpet Friendly?

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These days it is the trend for windows to be large enough to let in that warming sun throughout the winter. Larger windows also increase the natural light in a room and allow you to enjoy the view from the privacy of your home, but are they carpet friendly? Most people don’t realise that large windows without the right window coverings can actually ruin your carpet. But Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth know that sunlight can fade the carpet just the same as it can fade the curtains.

These days we have rubber backed curtains or blinds that don’t fade to protect the curtains, but we often don’t think about the floor, except that there is a nice warm patch of sunlight on it for the toddler to play in. Unfortunately, that nice warm patch is gradually getting lighter in colour. Even carpet that is already a light colour can fade due to sunlight.

How can you stop that from happening? There are several options, depending on the location of the window and style of your home: –

  • Draw the blinds or curtains during the time the sun pours in the window. This will mostly be winter mornings or afternoons, depending on the orientation of the house, so it doesn’t mean you never get to look out the window.
  • Grow a shrubby bush outside the window for shade.
  • Put up a window awning – might be your next home improvement DIY project?



Where to Party the Night Away in Bali

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Many travellers without family commitments go to Bali with their friends, looking forward to enjoying the nightlife and entertainment, of which there is plenty. They love to party at a different club each night – or several in one night – only returning to their villas in the wee hours of the morning. Some of the best venues to find music and dancing are in the southern regions of Bali at places like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Butik.

Here is a list of popular places to party the night away if you are so inclined: –

  • The 61 Legian Entertainment Complex holds 8 clubs and pubs with Sky Club on the roof being a popular choice for many tourists. You can dance the night away, but you will need sustenance and this can be found up on the Sky Club’s rooftop garden lounge with an all you can eat buffet for just 50,000 Rupiahs and free beer that keeps tourists and others coming back.
  • A legendary hotspot that schoolies seem to love is Bounty Ship or Bounty Discotheque as it is also known. A disco and dance floor will keep you swaying while the bar and restaurant will ensure you don’t go hungry or thirsty.
  • If you are into chic dining with a Middle Eastern restaurant on the top floor and a nightclub underneath go to Jenj in Seminyak. The bar is in the nightclub and serves cocktails and booze.



How to Care for Your Skin After a Botox Injection

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Many people have botox procedures to get rid of those frown lines or crow’s feet on their face. Some have them as a preventative rather than a cure. Botox Perth works by preventing the nerve from communicating with the muscles in your face, so if your brain tells the muscle to contract, it won’t be able to. This will prevent a wrinkle from forming to start with and thus, your face will stay looking smooth and young.

Once you have the injections, your doctor will remind you of certain things you should or should not do for a while to ensure you get the best result. This will have been discussed beforehand and you very likely will have a sheet of instructions. But it is easy to forget, especially if you feel stressed out by the procedure. In fact, it is a very simple procedure which is one reason why it is so popular, but the first time may make you feel stressed.

So here are some skin care tips to remember for after the Botox injections.



7 Different Roof Styles for Patios

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When you decide to add a patio to your home you will need to make certain decisions such as where to put it and what to use it for. You will also need to decide on the style. While styles for may be limited due to the simplicity of the structure, the roof will be what sets it off and adds to the look of your home. There are at least 6 different roof styles for patios.

  • The flat roof. As the name suggests, this roof is entirely flat. This makes it ideal for a carport when added to the side of the home. However, it may not suit the front of the home so well, unless your house also has a flat roof.
  • The gable roof. This is a pitched section in the middle with a flat part at each side. A pitched roof gives a bit more air space to keep things cooler and adds interest to the look.
  • A curved roof patio is similar to the gable, only instead of two sides rising to form a peak in the middle, that section has a graceful curve that can really suit the contemporary home.
  • A gazebo style hip patio roof is somewhat more sophisticated and much more interesting, with the hip part in the centre extending out past the edges of the structure. It is supported by an extra leg, so if an uninterrupted view is important, you might want to choose another option.
  • The heritage gable patio roof is not flat anywhere. Instead, it sloped from the centre down to each side and a sloping extension at the front extend to the whole length of the patio, making it more of a square than a rectangle. Ideal for those who want a larger patio.



What is CoolSculpting?

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If you want to lose weight without dieting or feel you have some fatty bumps on your body that just won’t come off, CoolSculpting may be for you. You may have expected something like liposuction which uses a needle to suck out little lumps of fat. However, this procedure is much better in that it is far less invasive. In other words, there is no part of the procedure that breaks the skin open, leaving it prone to possible infection and the need to heal.

Rather, this procedure uses a process of cooling to freeze the fat cells in the treatment area. It takes about an hour to have it done and during this time there is no need for painkillers or anaesthesia of any kind, simply because the procedure is not painful and hardly even uncomfortable. You simply sit and read a book, listen to music or watch a DVD while it is being done.

After it is done your skin will feel cool and perhaps numb to the touch and there might be a small amount of bruising. This will disappear over time, so don’t let it worry you. You’ll be able to go straight back to work or do whatever you like, ensuring that your busy life will go on without interruption.

Of course, with such a non-invasive procedure you cannot expect instant results. While the fat cells have been destroyed, it takes your body some time to remove them. This is a natural process that the body does rather like the way it removes bruised blood from under the skin. Only because there is more fat to move than the small amount of blood in most bruises, it will take longer – 2- 4 months.


Commercial Cleaner

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Commercial Cleaner Vs Doing It Yourself

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If you own or manage some sort of commercial or large residential building, you may find yourself responsible for making sure that it is cleaned properly and regularly. Although many people decide to take up this cleaning responsibility themselves, it is usually a good idea to hire a professional commercial cleaner.

Professional cleaners are usually very good at what they do – especially if you choose one with a decent reputation – and they will generally be able to get things done much quicker than you would if you did it yourself. Some of the benefits of using a commercial cleaner, instead of doing it yourself, include:

You Will Have More Time To Spend On Other Things

Imagine if you had three or four extra hours per week to spend on the things that you want to. Over the course of a year, three extra hours per week would come to almost seven full days of time – more than enough to learn a new skill or to get a whole lot accomplished!

Employing a commercial cleaner can help you free up this time. If you currently clean your own building, the chances are that you spend at least three hours per week doing so – probably more. Stop wasting your time, and employ someone else to do your dirty work for you – you will thank yourself later!



Why the Visible Results of Liposuction are Delayed

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Once you have had liposuction, you may look eagerly into the mirror to see the new you. However, you may feel quite disappointed when you don’t see any difference. Or maybe the treated areas look even worse than they did before. Not to worry!

The reason why you can see no visible difference is because your body has not had time to heal yet. It takes weeks before the bruising and swelling go down and in fact, it may even take months for the swelling to subside and until it does, you won’t be able to see the effects of the body sculpting performed on your body by the doctor. While many people find it difficult to wait, there is no way that this time can be avoided.


What’s in Your Garage?

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Many homeowners are restricted in what they can put in their garage due to the small area  available. Even many luxury homes are designed for just two cars and that leaves nowhere for the boat, a caravan, a jet ski or golf buggy to go, not to mention the golf clubs, the children’s bicycles, or as they get older, perhaps motorbikes.

In fact, it’s time home designers took a leaf out of Sam Sorgiovanni’s book. Sam Sorgiovanni designed the yacht Anastasia in 2008 and he included plenty of space in the ‘garage’. Much more than you’d find in most luxury homes. So what is in the Anastasia’s garage?

  • 4 tenders (smaller launches) ranging from over 9 metres to almost 7 metres.
  • 4 Wave Runners
  • Several Jet skis
  • A storage rack for 8-10 full body wetsuits
  • Other water toys such as windsurfers and snorkelling gear
  • Storage cupboards for the above.

The Anastasia also has a full gym, Jacuzzi and aquarium for the enjoyment of guests. She sleeps 12 guests and has room for 20 crew. Of course, she is 75.5 metres long, so there is plenty of room.



Rolling Stone Café Well Known Musical Spot in Jakarta

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Rolling Stone Café did not get its name from the band but rather from the premier music magazine known around the world. The Rolling Stone Café in Jakarta is the third Rolling Stone Café to open its doors. The first one was in Japan followed by one in Los Angeles, and then the one in Jakarta, which was met with great excitement. It didn’t take long for the café to catch on, thanks partly to the notorious nature of the magazine, which helped to build recognition.

The interior defiantly is an eye catcher – the glass building located on Ampera Street is mainly decorated with red and black leather. The food served is all your well known comfort foods of the west including steak, ribs, nachos, burgers, and pasta dishes.



How to Have Fun Planning Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful if you have dedicated wedding planners to help you. Every bride and groom want their wedding day to be perfect and rightly so. But all the organisation and planning can easily stress you out, especially when you have to deal with several companies for your different event hire needs.

It’s much easier to deal with one company who can provide many of the elements you need for your wedding – and especially the wedding reception. The best way is to write a list of all the things you need:

  • A wedding DJ
  • Great music/speakers
  • Room/table decorations
  • Lighting
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Photography/photo booth
  • Wedding cake
  • Flowers

Then you can choose a wedding hire company that provides most of them, thus saving you from having to deal with many companies.

Sometimes, everyone in the family wants to make decisions for you, but this is your wedding and you have a right to decide for yourselves what you want. Therefore, be tactful, but tell anyone who is interfering with your plans that it is all taken care of and will be a delightful surprise to them on the day.



3 Main Ways to Clean Your Carpet

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Most people who have carpet in their home will be familiar with vacuuming, but it is important to do it properly and to ensure you do all three if the carpet is to remain clean and look nice for its whole life. Professional carpet cleaning from a company like Brilliance Cleaning is a necessity to keep you and your children healthy, with no dust mites, fleas, or pet hair and dander to cause allergies.


Vacuuming the carpet is the most common way to clean all that dust and fluff off it. Simply walking on the carpet will make it grubby over time and grit, pet hair and lots of other nasties will penetrate deep into the fibre. Yet many people simply run the vacuum cleaner over the carpet quickly and believe they have done a good job of cleaning it.

Firstly, a vacuum cleaner needs to have strong suction, which mean the motor should be strong. Cheap vacuum cleaners don’t usually work that well for carpet, even if they do a good job on a hard floor.

Vacuuming the carpet should be done slowly so that the vacuum cleaner has time to dislodge the dirt and suck it up. A second pass should be done then, at a 90 degree angle to the first one. This allows the carpet fibres to be moved in a different direction, so that any dirt trapped under them the first time can be dislodged and removed.



Is Your Fencing Really Secure?

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If you need security fencing, you must make sure it is truly secure. According to Lone Pine Fencing, not all fencing is as secure as it could be, leaving the property open to vandals or thieves. Loss of this kind can cause a business to founder, especially if it happens more than once. Not only do you have the loss of stock and damage to premises to pay for, but also your insurance premiums are likely to skyrocket.

So when inspecting the fence, look at these possible access points to ensure your property can remain safe.

  • The top of the fence. While the fence may be high, unless the top is lined with razor wire or bends over towards the outside, it can still be breached fairly easily. It only takes a ladder or an agile burglar to climb over by putting his toes into the diamond shaped space between the links. This cannot happen with a palisade type fence where steel posts are close together along the whole length of the fence.
  • The bottom of the fence. Don’t forget that someone could dig a hole under the fence, even if it reached down to ground level. Ground is not always level either, leaving a gap where the wire runs across the dip. The kind of commercial fencing with a cement base to prevent this, is the best.
  • Through the fence. Unless the fence is quite solid and strong, burglars may be able to get through it by cutting the wire or ramming a vehicle into it.



Themed Restaurants in Bali

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You might think that the most important thing to think about when dining out is the food, but the ambience of the place is also important. You can’t enjoy food however good it is if your surroundings are grungy. Having stepped out of your pristine private pool villa you would notice grunge all the more. That said, it is fun to dine in a place that is completely different from most other restaurants in Bali.

The themed restaurants of Bali offer a dining experience that is out of this world because they have an ambience all of their own. The fun part is that they are not that well-known, so when you dine there you will have something to tell your friends about that they could well have missed out on. Here are some of them.

  • Tsavo Lion Restaurant – here you can actually dine with the lions; the glass panel separating you from these glorious predators is almost unnoticeable, making the experience even more unique. A selection of international dinner or lunch choices along with many different types of alcohol is available – try the Young African Lion cocktail.

  • While in Bali, visit Greece. If you venture into the Slippery Stone, you’ll be transported to a Grecian setting with sculpted pillars, stone walls, archways and statues and where all the authentic Greek food is done in the traditional Greek way – homemade. On Sundays you’ll enjoy the belly dancers, fire dancers and other entertainment.



6 Ways to Keep Safe During Renovations

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Many people enjoy doing home renovations themselves, getting a lot of satisfaction in working with their hands – and tools – to create an improvement to their home and their lifestyle. Many renovations require you to move furniture out of the home and it is best to get a budget furniture removal company like Brilliance Removalists Perth in to do this, because they are much fitter for lifting than you are likely to be. They also have the aids that will help them. It will save back strain to have others do that heavy job. Here are some more tips to keep you safe during renovations.

  • Always wear eye protection. Even if you need to wear glasses, they don’t protect your eyes from flying debris or dust. You need to have goggles that will fit over the top and seal around the edges. They are made from stronger material than glasses and won’t shatter if a nail should fly into them. People have lost all or part of their vision because they didn’t follow this simple rule.
  • Wear a hard hat. Sure, we know that builders on construction sites wear hard hats, but many home renovators don’t even think about it. Things can fall on you, or you can get up and bump your head on something easily enough when crawling around the small spaces such as under the floor or the ceiling cavity. You only have one head; protect it.
  • Wear steel capped boots. It is easy to drop something heavy when doing renovations. Timber can bounce right onto your toes when you drop it. If you are working in joggers it can break your toe or a bone in your foot.


Car transport

8 Tips for Transporting a Prestige Car

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If you have a prestige car and need to freight it to another destination, choose a trustworthy and reliable transport company that offers the kind of service you would expect for such a car. After all, it is worth quite a lot of money and needs to be treated with kid gloves to keep it in pristine condition.

Here are 8 tips for transporting a prestige or collectible car

  • Research the transport company carefully. It is not only about cost, but for kind of care your car needs to keep it in good condition. Not all such companies will take vehicles that are prized collection pieces due to the potential cost to them if it gets damaged. Use a company that has experience in transporting prestige cars as they will have everything necessary to protect your car from damage.
  • Find a company that offers enclosed transport. This will protect your precious car from the weather and from the dirt and debris it is likely to get covered with on a long journey. It will also give you peace of mind, knowing your precious possession is safe. It is especially essential for vintage cars that are normally open to the weather to be protected on a long journey, otherwise the interior can sustain a lot of damage.
  • Clean the car inside and out, removing any dirt from the undercarriage and from the tyre treads.



How to Avoid Costly Delays with Plant Hire

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When it comes to property renovation or building a new home, it is highly likely that excavation will be needed. Even the simple addition of a room may mean shifting loads of earth before you can start. Plant hire from professionals is best, especially if you are a home handyman renovator, because you can get advice on what kind of equipment you need and how big it should be.

The importance of size

There are many different sizes of excavating equipment and what you need for adding a room to a home on a gently sloping block would be quite different from levelling a whole housing site on a block that slopes a little more steeply. If you hire equipment that is not large enough for the job it will cost you in time – even in time taken to send the wrong sized excavator back and hire another one.

But if you hire an excavator that is far too big you may not even to able to get it onto the construction site. Many homes only have a narrow space between the wall of the house and the boundary fence. You can get a tiny excavator through, but not a large one. So size is important when choosing your equipment. You can’t always take down the boundary fence and invade the neighbour’s property.

In addition, a larger than necessary excavator – or any other equipment that is too large for the job – will cost you in terms of fuel and hourly hire, since the larger the equipment the more expensive the rate of hire would be. So it is highly essential to choose the right one.



Relationship Problem Solving Skills

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Don’t let your problems overrule and ruin your life. Relationships are meant for keeps; do not let petty problems deter you from a great relationship. Learn from your problems and use them to strengthen a love relationship.
According to research, it is possible to have a troubled relationship if your parents too had a bad relationship with each other. We are born and brought up in a society where there is no formal education for solving relationship problems. It is up to us to keep a love relationship in good condition.
Whatever the state of your love life, the ability to solve any conflicts can be the key that makes a relationship work well. For that, both the partners have to find a mutual solution.
Some of the skills needed to make a relationship work:
– Communication – It is vital to communicate with one another, even if you have had a fight. The lack of communication may lead to serious problems and misunderstandings.
– Attitude – Do not show indifference towards your partner’s behavior. An indifferent attitude can really break a relationship that ultimately ends in a divorce. For example, if you have had a horrible fight and your partner is all in tears, make the effort to pacify her, or show in some subtle way that you too are feeling terrible about the brawl. Do not be indifferent, even though it is the easiest way to get out of a sticky situation.
– Share – For all the men, do not let the male ego stop you from doing household chores. If your partner is sharing your financial responsibilities, it is your duty to contribute to domestic tasks. Sharing both your duties and love will work wonders for improving your relationship.



How to Get Gorgeous with Cosmetics

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Cosmetics are most women’s best friend – especially if they are chemical free. However, some women don’t care about the chemicals, especially if they have never had any trouble with their skin, so for those women who want to get gorgeous with cosmetics, here are a few tips that you may not have heard about before.

  • Mix pearly white or golden eye shadow with your foundation for a luminescent look.
  • For an instant makeover, swipe your favourite lipstick over your cheeks, eyelids and lips, then blend it all over your face.
  • Add blush to the cheeks before you apply foundation for a coming straight from under the skin glow.
  • Pink or red blush should go on the ‘apple’ of the cheek. Peach/orange tones should go on the highest point of the cheekbones while bronze tones should be placed on prominent points where the sun hits such as the bridge of the nose, chin and forehead.
  • Look for products with anti-aging properties such as peptides, hyaluronic acid and collagen to help prevent those fine lines and wrinkles, rather than having to treat them afterwards. Prevention is better than cure.
  • Make moisturiser your friend as it also helps to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant.
  • A liner of flesh colour used on the water line of your lower lashes will make your eyes look bigger.
  • Brighten your face by dabbing a shimmery champagne colour to the inner eye corner.



Avoid Litigation with the Right Scaffolding

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Every building works needs some kind of scaffolding in order for the builders and other tradesmen to work on parts that can’t be reached from the ground. Scaffolding can be a simple structure for single storey buildings or a highly complex structure for the many high-rise buildings that go up in cities across the world.

One thing is for sure, the building cannot be completed without this structure and if it is not safe nasty accidents will happen. And often, lives can be lost. When the scaffold collapses it is usually because it was not designed or built properly. The fault for this lies directly with the building company who ordered the scaffold. They should know to only use a scaffold company that has a good reputation in the trade for doing excellent work.



Are Long-Distance Relationships Real Relationships?

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Are Long-Distance Relationships “Real-Relationships“? You have to wonder because there’s so many people asking the same question…

  • Are long distance relationships real?
  • Long Distance Relationships: Are They Real?
  • 10 Reasons Why Long-distance Relationships Just Don’t Work
  • Is a Long distance relationship a “REAL” relationship?
  • Is your long distance relationship a ‘real’ relationship?

This has a couple of answers depending on your outlook:

1. Is long-distance “real”? The word “real” is just a bad word. What’s “real”? Certainly, your long-distance relationship is just as “real” as any other kind. In fact, it’s not even that new a thing – long before the Internet, we had the concept of “pen pals”, where people would write each other letters through the post. And yes, people often dated this way through correspondence, too.



Home Renovations that Add Value to Your Home

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If you are into home renovations, it is a good idea to choose those that add real value to the home because one day you may have to put it on the market and book a removal company like Brilliance Removalists Melbourne. When this happens it is good to know you can add the price of the renovations onto the price of the home and be likely to get it.  So what kind of renovations are likely to give you a return on the investment like that?

  • Experts tell us that most kitchen renovations add good value to the home; the kind of value you can get back when you sell. The kitchen is one of the hardest working rooms in the home and so is most likely to wear out. Upgrading it can cost a great deal, so it is wise to set a budget of no more than 2% of the home’s value and stick to it. This should be plenty to make a big difference in your kitchen, but you can still do renovations for less than that. Just adding more storage will make a kitchen more efficient. Repainting the walls and changing the lighting will make it look better and adding a moveable island will increase bench space, something that many chefs want. A new splashback and cupboard doors will lift your kitchen, too.
  • The bathroom is another area that can usually benefit from some renovations, especially in an older home where this important room is usually small and dark. Again, benchtop space is more important in the bathroom than most redecorators allow for. Storage is essential, lighting should be ample and the hand-basin should be big enough for people with large hands. Even adding a mirror opposite the window will increase the natural lighting and enhance use. How about adding a stool or low bench to sit on or put clothes on?



What’s Love Got To Do in a Relationship

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When you think hard about relationships, you would understand how intricate they actually are. To safeguard any rapport for a long time needs tactfulness and sincerity. Every person on this planet tries to have an innumerable number of relationships. They can have a liaison based on pure friendship or it can be dating devoid of any commitments and it can also be the bond of marriage. Every relationship has its own significance.

The question here is what exactly is the role of love in a relationship. When you look back through the pages of literature, Shakespeare captured the hearts of many with his much-adorned sonnets and poems on love. According to him, love is supreme and eternal. These are of course poetic expressions. On a practical note, relationships can lose their charm if the partners involved have no feeling of love towards each other.

The scenario has changed today and love for many is just a word or rather an emotionless idiom. Lets not emphasize on those relationships that have no commitment in them. Such liaisons can make or break any time. But when we throw a glance at long-time relationships like marriage, the term love plays a pivotal role.

First of all, for a relationship to survive, it is necessary that two people like each other, a stage that later transcends into love. If you definitely are in love with one another you will tend to agree on what each of you think and you will notice that your relationship will have less problems as compared to others. Also, love can help you in supporting your partner in every aspect. It helps build a strong pillar of respect and trust towards each other.



Signs That Show You May Be In Love With The Wrong Person

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Love can happen anytime, anywhere, and with any one. Everyone experiences love once in his/her lifetime. It is a great feeling that brings joy and peace.

However, if the person you fall in love with is not the right one, your life can be miserable. Love is certainly a beautiful feeling and can change your life for the better or worse. There are times when we initially love and adore someone and feel on top of the world to have a girl or guy like that. As days pass by, the same person may become someone you simply want to avoid.

There are many relationships that begin on a great note and then face a traumatic end, as the relation turns sour, just because one did not realize that the other was not the right person for them. Here are a few warning signs that will help you to figure out if you are in love with the wrong person.

-It is good to be caring and loving, but to be obsessed is not the right feeling in a relationship. Many find possessiveness to be healthy in a relation, but if he/she is trying to control your every move and wishes to have you all the time, then he/she is certainly not the one for you. Possessiveness may look sweet at the beginning, but as time passes, you will find it difficult to spend life with such a person.



Hot Online Dating Tips

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Create an attractive profile. Remember if you are serious about looking for a great date, you need to be honest with your profile, making sure you use adequate etiquette for Online Dating. Faking at the outset can make you lose the love of your life. Write about who you are, what you like; however, make it interesting and lively. Your writing style should hold the other’s attention. When uploading your pictures, put up your best photograph, however the picture should be recent one, you don’t want your date to wonder whether it was you he or she was chatting with all this while.

Be as natural as you can be. Do not adopt others ways and means to find love. It is a myth that being too frank will attract the date; you need to come across as decent if the first few conversations and meetings. Don’t have sex on your mind throughout; if that is what you are looking for, you better go another place. If you want your profile to be seen, make sure you have decent names on the net. Ugly and vulgar names simply turn down the women. And sexy sounding names may make the guy wonder just who he’s dating. Follow some etiquette if you want to win the hearts.