Choose Epoxy Floors

Why Industrial and Manufacturing Businesses Should Choose Epoxy Floors

There are many reasons epoxy floor coatings are popular with all kinds of business, which is why it is seen as an extremely versatile flooring product. You are as likely to walk on an epoxy floor at your local gym or cinema, as you are in your office, or works canteen.

Even domestically, there are many homeowners who use epoxy floor coatings to completely transform rooms or use it on a practical basis for the flooring in their garage or workshop.

Obviously, the domestic use of coat flooring is at one end of the spectrum, and many would consider the other end to be industrial facilities, which includes factories, and other types of manufacturing units. With these, the needs are completely different and many of the reasons for choosing epoxy floor coatings will differ too.

For example, one of the main advantages of using epoxy floors is that it is resistant to chemicals. While there might be some substances that we could classify as a chemical in a home such as bleach and washing-up liquid it is highly unlikely that anyone who is considering a coat flooring for their home has chemical resistance at the top of their list of reasons to buy it.

On the other hand, for an industrial facility, where chemicals will often be used frequently as part of their manufacturing process, the need for a chemical resistant floor coating is likely to be high.