Bridesmaid Traditions

Bridesmaid Traditions Best Left Forgotten

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When you’re looking online for appropriate bridesmaids gifts, you may come across some crazy traditions and roles bridesmaids used to play. While you might think you’re asking a little too much of your bridesmaids for your upcoming nuptials, spare a thought for the bridesmaids who followed these traditions below.

The Double Act

These days, it’s considered in bad taste to dress in a similar dress to the bride. In fact, doing so has broken up families and friendships. However, in Victorian times, wearing the same outfit as the bride was encouraged. To confuse evil spirits who wanted to ruin the bride’s day, the bridesmaids had to dress the same or similar to the bride to confuse the evil spirits and drive them away. However, by doing so, the bridesmaids possibly thought they were at risk. Therefore, you’d have to hope the bride and groom put up some very generous bridesmaids gifts.

Garlic Not Geraniums

If similar dresses to the bride weren’t enough to confuse and drive evil spirits away, then maybe the assortment of posies would be. Bridesmaids used to have to carry bouquets of herbs and grains down the aisle, opposed to the bright and beautiful flowers they get to carry now. Garlic was a firm favorite and worked not only as a deterrent to evil spirits, but to mask poor hygiene as well. Showers were a rarity in Victorian times.



How Long does a Divorce Take?

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If you are in a relationship that is very unhappy you might be considering divorce proceedings. How long will it take to get a divorce? It is not quite as simple as it may sound. A good family lawyer will tell you that you must be separated for 12 months before you can apply for a divorce. And if you’ve been married for less than two years you must go to counselling together first, unless there is a good reason that this is not possible.

When getting advice from your family lawyers, you’ll find that if your spouse is violent and abusive, you won’t need to go to counselling. Or if your spouse refuses to attend counselling, there is no way you can force the issue, so this is also a reason that counselling may be avoided.

So, the very first step to a divorce when the relationship has broken down irretrievably is to separate from your spouse. At 12 months and one day after the separation, you can put an application in to the courts to file for divorce. You will have to attend court for the divorce hearing and if it is granted on that day, the Divorce Order will be issued one month and one day after the hearing.  This is only if both parties agree to the divorce. The whole process takes about four months if everything goes well.

If the other party does not agree or if there is a delay in serving with the Notice of Divorce – for instance, if he cannot be found, there will be a delay, because the divorce cannot be granted until this happens. This can delay the divorce for some months.



What Kind of Education Is Suitable for Your Child?

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We have all heard that there are some children who slip through the cracks when it comes to childcare and education. These are children that somehow get through highschool without even having learned how to read and can hardly write their own name. As adults, they will find it difficult to gain employment, do their tax, understand or fill out forms and even do the grocery shopping.

Most mothers who want to give their child the best child care, try to ensure hope their child leaves school well-educated, but what can they do about it if their primary age child is simply not coping at school? There are many factors that mix and mingle to cause children to have trouble learning basic skills such as reading, writing and simple maths. Bullying, changing schools often, dyslexia, illness, days missed for other reasons and so on.

If you don’t think these are affecting your child, or if you have worked with the teacher to see what can be done but their grades are still not very high, it could be time for a bolder approach. Not all children are suited to the kind of learning environment that is by necessity used in public primary schools. In many, the class numbers are large and cater to the middle learners. Slow and very fast learners will both have problems in this environment.



How to Have Fun Planning Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful if you have dedicated wedding planners to help you. Every bride and groom want their wedding day to be perfect and rightly so. But all the organisation and planning can easily stress you out, especially when you have to deal with several companies for your different event hire needs.

It’s much easier to deal with one company who can provide many of the elements you need for your wedding – and especially the wedding reception. The best way is to write a list of all the things you need:

  • A wedding DJ
  • Great music/speakers
  • Room/table decorations
  • Lighting
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Photography/photo booth
  • Wedding cake
  • Flowers

Then you can choose a wedding hire company that provides most of them, thus saving you from having to deal with many companies.

Sometimes, everyone in the family wants to make decisions for you, but this is your wedding and you have a right to decide for yourselves what you want. Therefore, be tactful, but tell anyone who is interfering with your plans that it is all taken care of and will be a delightful surprise to them on the day.



Relationship Problem Solving Skills

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Don’t let your problems overrule and ruin your life. Relationships are meant for keeps; do not let petty problems deter you from a great relationship. Learn from your problems and use them to strengthen a love relationship.
According to research, it is possible to have a troubled relationship if your parents too had a bad relationship with each other. We are born and brought up in a society where there is no formal education for solving relationship problems. It is up to us to keep a love relationship in good condition.
Whatever the state of your love life, the ability to solve any conflicts can be the key that makes a relationship work well. For that, both the partners have to find a mutual solution.
Some of the skills needed to make a relationship work:
– Communication – It is vital to communicate with one another, even if you have had a fight. The lack of communication may lead to serious problems and misunderstandings.
– Attitude – Do not show indifference towards your partner’s behavior. An indifferent attitude can really break a relationship that ultimately ends in a divorce. For example, if you have had a horrible fight and your partner is all in tears, make the effort to pacify her, or show in some subtle way that you too are feeling terrible about the brawl. Do not be indifferent, even though it is the easiest way to get out of a sticky situation.
– Share – For all the men, do not let the male ego stop you from doing household chores. If your partner is sharing your financial responsibilities, it is your duty to contribute to domestic tasks. Sharing both your duties and love will work wonders for improving your relationship.



Are Long-Distance Relationships Real Relationships?

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Are Long-Distance Relationships “Real-Relationships“? You have to wonder because there’s so many people asking the same question…

  • Are long distance relationships real?
  • Long Distance Relationships: Are They Real?
  • 10 Reasons Why Long-distance Relationships Just Don’t Work
  • Is a Long distance relationship a “REAL” relationship?
  • Is your long distance relationship a ‘real’ relationship?

This has a couple of answers depending on your outlook:

1. Is long-distance “real”? The word “real” is just a bad word. What’s “real”? Certainly, your long-distance relationship is just as “real” as any other kind. In fact, it’s not even that new a thing – long before the Internet, we had the concept of “pen pals”, where people would write each other letters through the post. And yes, people often dated this way through correspondence, too.



What’s Love Got To Do in a Relationship

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When you think hard about relationships, you would understand how intricate they actually are. To safeguard any rapport for a long time needs tactfulness and sincerity. Every person on this planet tries to have an innumerable number of relationships. They can have a liaison based on pure friendship or it can be dating devoid of any commitments and it can also be the bond of marriage. Every relationship has its own significance.

The question here is what exactly is the role of love in a relationship. When you look back through the pages of literature, Shakespeare captured the hearts of many with his much-adorned sonnets and poems on love. According to him, love is supreme and eternal. These are of course poetic expressions. On a practical note, relationships can lose their charm if the partners involved have no feeling of love towards each other.

The scenario has changed today and love for many is just a word or rather an emotionless idiom. Lets not emphasize on those relationships that have no commitment in them. Such liaisons can make or break any time. But when we throw a glance at long-time relationships like marriage, the term love plays a pivotal role.

First of all, for a relationship to survive, it is necessary that two people like each other, a stage that later transcends into love. If you definitely are in love with one another you will tend to agree on what each of you think and you will notice that your relationship will have less problems as compared to others. Also, love can help you in supporting your partner in every aspect. It helps build a strong pillar of respect and trust towards each other.



Signs That Show You May Be In Love With The Wrong Person

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Love can happen anytime, anywhere, and with any one. Everyone experiences love once in his/her lifetime. It is a great feeling that brings joy and peace.

However, if the person you fall in love with is not the right one, your life can be miserable. Love is certainly a beautiful feeling and can change your life for the better or worse. There are times when we initially love and adore someone and feel on top of the world to have a girl or guy like that. As days pass by, the same person may become someone you simply want to avoid.

There are many relationships that begin on a great note and then face a traumatic end, as the relation turns sour, just because one did not realize that the other was not the right person for them. Here are a few warning signs that will help you to figure out if you are in love with the wrong person.

-It is good to be caring and loving, but to be obsessed is not the right feeling in a relationship. Many find possessiveness to be healthy in a relation, but if he/she is trying to control your every move and wishes to have you all the time, then he/she is certainly not the one for you. Possessiveness may look sweet at the beginning, but as time passes, you will find it difficult to spend life with such a person.



Hot Online Dating Tips

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Create an attractive profile. Remember if you are serious about looking for a great date, you need to be honest with your profile, making sure you use adequate etiquette for Online Dating. Faking at the outset can make you lose the love of your life. Write about who you are, what you like; however, make it interesting and lively. Your writing style should hold the other’s attention. When uploading your pictures, put up your best photograph, however the picture should be recent one, you don’t want your date to wonder whether it was you he or she was chatting with all this while.

Be as natural as you can be. Do not adopt others ways and means to find love. It is a myth that being too frank will attract the date; you need to come across as decent if the first few conversations and meetings. Don’t have sex on your mind throughout; if that is what you are looking for, you better go another place. If you want your profile to be seen, make sure you have decent names on the net. Ugly and vulgar names simply turn down the women. And sexy sounding names may make the guy wonder just who he’s dating. Follow some etiquette if you want to win the hearts.