All You Need To Know About Grooming Your Puppy

All You Need To Know About Grooming Your Puppy

There is a type of dog which has more dog grooming questions asked about it and where more angst is created amongst their owners about how to care for their coats, than any other. Do you which type of dog are referring to? Well done if you answered puppies. Just as parents of babies have a million and one questions about caring for them, likewise most owners of new puppies have a whole list of questions too.

As we mentioned, many of those questions are about how to care for the puppy’s coat, and whether or not they require any proper grooming other than an occasional brush. The simple truth is that puppies should indeed be groomed and initially, much of that will take place at home until they have had their vaccinations to allow them to then safely be able to visit a professional dog grooming service.

That brings us to owners wondering what sort of grooming is suitable and safe for their puppy. If you are also unsure, then please keep reading as we are going to explain all you need to know about grooming your puppy which hopefully will make them even more cute, cuddly, and adorable than they already are.

Start Early: This does not mean starting at 5 am, but instead that you introduce your puppy to grooming when they are 8 weeks old, rather than 8 months old because if you leave it too late it will be more difficult to teach your puppy to sit still and relax when being groomed.

Research Your Puppy’s Breed And Their Coat: It will serve you and your puppy well if you first research their breed and the specific recommendations for grooming the type of coat they have to ensure that you care for it most appropriately.

Tire Them Out Before Starting: Given the little bundles of energy that puppies tend to be, it will make it much easier to get them to sit still for longer, if most of that energy has been burned off whilst playing, prior to them being groomed.

Speak Calmly To Them As You Start: To limit any discomfort or even fear they might have when you start grooming them, speak to your puppy in calm, soothing tones so that they relax and stay still rather than trying to break free.

Properly Examine Their Coat And Their Skin: Before you start grooming them, you should first take a minute or so to thoroughly examine your puppy’s coat and skin. Look out for any blemishes, abrasions, or unusual lumps and if you find any and are concerned, speak to your dog’s vet for advice.

Use The Correct Grooming Tools: It will make grooming much easier for you and your puppy if you do so with the correct grooming tools. Following your research into the coat their breed has and how to care for it, you should have obtained the correct grooming equipment such as appropriate brushes and deshedding tools.

Brush Them Daily: The minimum level of grooming that you should undertake for your puppy at home is to brush their coat each day. This will remove dead fur, help reduce tangles, and allow their coat to grow normally and healthily including their adult coat when are about 6 months old.

Bath Them: Introducing your puppy to baths early on will ensure they look forward to them rather than try to hide when bath time comes around. Use only shampoos recommend for puppies and crucially do not be tempted to use human shampoo as this can irritate a puppy’s skin.

Don’t Forget Their Eyes, Ears, And Nails: Whilst much of your focus will be on grooming your puppy’s coat, you should also wipe away dried tears from around their eyes, check and clean their ears, and carefully trim their nails to prevent them becoming too sharp and catching on carpet fibres, for example.