Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?

Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?

For the most part, homeowners shouldn’t need to dedicate too much time to lawn care. A little bit of TLC at the changing of the seasons is often all it takes to sustain its quality and keep it looking lush and healthy. However, if there’s one thing you should think about doing, it’s aerating your lawn. Why Should I Aerate My Lawn? Read on to find out.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Before you find out why lawn aeration is essential, it’s a good idea to discover what it is first. You can then decide whether it’s a lawn care option that can suit your property. Lawn aeration is the process of putting holes in your lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to get where they are needed the most.

You can use a garden fork or even purchase special footwear with spikes to get the job done quicker. Lawn aeration is also a process that lawn care experts can take care of with the use of proper aeration equipment.

Compact Soil

One of the primary reasons why lawn aeration is necessary is due to compaction. Compact soil can be caused by one section of your lawn getting a lot of heavy use. For example, the kids might use it to play a game of rugby, or it might be a common foot traffic area to get to your washing line. Once rain falls, any air pockets that may have been there to aid in root growth are now filled.