How to Keep Your Garden Nice When You are Not There

How to Keep Your Garden Nice When You are Not There

Professional landscape design is a thing of beauty. If you are a keen gardener who is proud of all the lovely flowers, shrubs and other plants in their garden you might not be looking forward to going on holidays. Designing your own garden is beautiful, but require someone to work in them pruning, weeding, watering and planting to look their best.

So if you are planning that overseas holiday or trip around Australia, what will happen to the garden while you are away? You cannot depend on rain to water it, but even if you have automatic irrigation installed, things can go wrong. The sensors may not work or the pipes might get blocked up. Then your beautiful garden will shrivel up and be brown and bare when you get home. All that work done for nothing!

You may live in a climate where rainfall is plenty, or you may have good neighbours to look after the watering for you. But there is still weeding and pruning to be done. You might even have annuals or perennials waiting for you to plant them out. It’s almost enough to make you cancel those holiday plans and spend time in the garden instead.

But before you do that, consider having professional landscaping done on a regular basis while you are away. In fact, this is a good idea even when you are home as it will give you a better chance to relax or take up that hobby you never have time for. Your landscape design could even improve with professionals on hand to care for it or even add to it.

Garden maintenance done regularly when you are away or at home is one of the best ways to keep your garden in the best shape, especially in the prime growing season of spring and summer when it’s hot and plants need greater care. Even in the winter there is much to be done in the garden, with pruning, weeding and getting those beds ready for spring.

You won’t have to dread going away or wonder how bad the garden will look when you get home if you hire gardening professionals to look after everything while you are gone. Most gardeners would agree that there is really no season where there is not something to do in the garden.

There is another benefit of hiring help for the garden, too. Having someone working on the property while you are away makes it look lived in, so there is less likelihood of burglars breaking in and making off with something.  So if you are planning a holiday, place hiring a professional to look after your garden on your list of things to do before you go. When you get back home you’ll be glad you did.