Themed Restaurants in Bali


You might think that the most important thing to think about when dining out is the food, but the ambience of the place is also important. You can’t enjoy food however good it is if your surroundings are grungy. Having stepped out of your pristine private pool villa you would notice grunge all the more. That said, it is fun to dine in a place that is completely different from most other restaurants in Bali.

Themed restaurants offer a dining experience that is out of this world because they have an ambience all of their own. The fun part is that they are not that well-known, so when you dine there you will have something to tell your friends about that they could well have missed out on. Here are some of them.

  • Tsavo Lion Restaurant – here you can actually dine with the lions; the glass panel separating you from these glorious predators is almost unnoticeable, making the experience even more unique. A selection of international dinner or lunch choices along with many different types of alcohol is available – try the Young African Lion cocktail.

  • While in Bali, visit Greece. If you venture into the Slippery Stone, you’ll be transported to a Grecian setting with sculpted pillars, stone walls, archways and statues and where all the authentic Greek food is done in the traditional Greek way – homemade. On Sundays you’ll enjoy the belly dancers, fire dancers and other entertainment.

  • For a gypsy style lunch visit La Laguna in Canggu, just 10 minutes in the car from Seminyak. Brightly coloured gypsy caravans surrounded with lush gardens will entrance you as you dine on tapas and cocktails. Peacocks that wander around the area add to the ambience, but remember they are wild birds so don’t try to pet them.
  • Feel like something spooky? How about dining in Frankenstein’s Laboratory? Even the staff add to the vibe with themed costumes. Green lights, red upholstery and lots of brass add to that special spooky look and feel. Cocktails with creepy names are served in a variety of fun but rather horrible containers such as test tubes and IV bags. Go ahead and have some spooky fun.
  • If retro is your fun you’ll love the Cosmic Diner with its neon jukebox and retro decor. Here you’ll find a classic American menu of hamburgers, fries, pancakes, waffles along with shakes and coffee. You can drink from a boot if you order the Chocolate Trifecta Shake – okay, it’s a glass one, but still…
  • Dine with the pirates at The Pirates Bay, Nusa Dua. Here you’ll find a beached pirate ship, lookout tower, tree house and a pirate’s kitchen. Kids who love playing pirates – and their parents – can dress up in pirate clobber and search for treasure before enjoying their lunch chosen from a kid-friendly menu.