All The Facts About Child Visas In Australia

All The Facts About Child Visas In Australia

One of the most stressful events for the parents of any child whom they wish to have live with them in Australia is the visa process that has to be followed. There can seem to be lots of criteria and requirements that have to meet. What often adds to any misunderstanding of child visas is that, just like the visa processes for adults, there are multiple visa types. Here,  Success Migration will to to explain child visas for Australia in as simple a way as we can.

Four Child Visa Options

In Australia, four different child visa options can be applied for. These are:

  • Child Visa For Offshore = Subclass 101
  • Child Visa For Onshore = Subclass 802
  • Dependent Child Visa = Subclass 445
  • Adoption Visa = Subclass 102

Thankfully, the application process for both subclass 101 and 802 is identical with the only difference being the location of the child is either in Australia (802) or overseas (101). In all other aspects, the requirements and eligibility criteria within the application process for them is identical.

Child Age

It is often wrongly assumed that when we refer to children when discussing child visas that we are only talking about young children and those of school age. Obviously, that covers many of them but when it comes to child visas when certain criteria apply,  they can apply to children of any age. Here are those age requirements.

  • Children aged under 18 years of age.
  • Children aged 18 to 25, who are full-time students and who are dependent upon their parents.
  • Children aged over 18 years of age, who cannot work due to a disability and who are dependent upon their parents.