How to Fix Teeth Imperfections

Fix Teeth Imperfections

Over 80 per cent of people surveyed by Bupa said they didn’t smile in photos because they believed their teeth looked unattractive. When you smile, you not only look better but feel better, too. Therefore, it’s time to put your oral and mental health first by contacting your dentist to fix the imperfections in your teeth.

Dentist Perth tells us that many people think that cosmetic dentistry is too expensive or out of their league. The truth is several affordable procedures can transform your self-esteem, confidence, and willingness to smile in those memorable family photos. The following information gives insight into what’s available for several teeth imperfections from your local, experienced dentist.

Yellow Teeth & Staining

If you have yellowing, stained teeth, you will be pleased to know that your dentist can take care of it. Most staining is reversible courtesy of in-chair whitening or take-home bleaching trays. However, if there are permanent stains that such methods can’t remove, your dentist may also recommend porcelain veneers. These thin shells sit on top of your original teeth and blend in with your others.

Chipped Teeth

Almost anything can cause you to chip your teeth. You might drink out of a glass bottle and slip, make an impact with a surface, or even eat a complex food item that lands on your tooth the wrong way. If you have a chipped tooth, you’re not stuck with it. Dental bonding is an excellent option to take care of annoying tooth chips that affect your confidence.

Cracked Teeth

If you end up with a small crack in your teeth, then your dentist will recommend a filling. The longer you leave it, or the more extensive the break, the more likely you will require a root canal or a crown. Your dentist will discuss the options to ensure you are comfortable.

Gappy Teeth

A tooth gap is commonly why people choose not to smile in photos. While some people embrace their differences, others try to hide them. If you are unhappy with gaps in your teeth, then make an appointment with your dentist. Something as simple as dental bonding could take care of it. Otherwise, they may offer orthodontic options to close the gap over time.

Missing Teeth

If you are missing teeth or a single tooth, then you are not alone. More than three million Australians do not have a complete set of teeth, with at least 16 per cent of people left with only a few, according to the Australian Dental Association. If you lose a tooth, see your dentist right away. They can offer options such as bridges, dental implants, or even partial or complete dentures for more than one.

No one ever sets out to suffer from imperfections in their teeth, but almost anything can happen throughout your life. Don’t let your confidence suffer as a result. See your dentist to find out what options are available for repair.