How To Prevent Pet Urine Damaging Your Carpets

How To Prevent Pet Urine Damaging Your Carpets

Along with the rise of modern office culture, diversity and gender acceptability a new phenomenon has emerged in the form of office pets. Lots of offices theses days are even adding their pets to their team pages or describing them as their team mascots. While this can be good for team morale, it can also keep the commercial cleaning team from busy if the dogs aren’t proficiently toilet trained.

Your carpets can take more than their fair share of abuse in the form of mud, dirt, grime, and staining such that carpet cleaning is needed to get them back looking as they should, and to prevent further damage to them and reducing their lifetime.

One type of stain found in many homes and (now some offices), given our love of pets, is staining from pet urine. Most pets are lovable creatures ranging from tiny kittens all the way up to full-grown giant dogs like Dobermans, and whilst they may all differ in size, they all share one natural function, and that is the need to pee.

Of course, many adult pets will have complete control over their bladder, and the likelihood of their urine ending up on your carpets is negligible. However, even these pets may occasionally have an accident through illness or simply through getting over excited. Obviously, with pups and kittens still learning that the place to urinate is outside or in a litter tray,  the risk of urine on carpets is much greater.