Small Backyard

Creating Kerb Appeal

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Make a Change

The kids are back at school, the holidays are over, a New Year has begun, and the beautiful weather is begging you to work outside and add a bit of change to the home. Freshen up the look of your home and add a bit of kerb appeal for 2018. Don’t worry too much about cost. You can add a new look for the year without breaking the bank and work with a landscape designer to add appeal to your property.

Grass Out

Many front yards are still looking like golf course greens. The grass requires ongoing maintenance and a lot of water during summer. If you eliminate the grass you will avail yourself of more time and save a valuable resource – water. Think of the area without grass as a blank canvas on which you can create something new.

Personal Courtyard

Older style houses had a front porch on which you could sit and enjoy the fresh air and watch the world go by. New designs provide just a small entry area now. By adding a small courtyard, you can recreate that welcoming entrance your grandparents used to love. Plants and a paved patio will help to make a private and relaxing setting. If you add a well-designed water feature then the sound of running water will greet your guests as they visit your home. If traffic noise is a problem, the water feature will help lessen the sounds from the street. Imagine yourself having a nice morning coffee in your courtyard or a cold drink after a day at work.



How to Keep Your Garden Nice When You are Not There

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Professional landscape design is a thing of beauty. If you are a keen gardener who is proud of all the lovely flowers, shrubs and other plants in their garden you might not be looking forward to going on holidays. Gardens are beautiful, but require someone to work in them pruning, weeding, watering and planting to look their best.

So if you are planning that overseas holiday or trip around Australia, what will happen to the garden while you are away? You cannot depend on rain to water it, but even if you have automatic irrigation installed, things can go wrong. The sensors may not work or the pipes might get blocked up. Then your beautiful garden will shrivel up and be brown and bare when you get home. All that work done for nothing!

You may live in a climate where rainfall is plenty, or you may have good neighbours to look after the watering for you. But there is still weeding and pruning to be done. You might even have annuals or perennials waiting for you to plant them out. It’s almost enough to make you cancel those holiday plans and spend time in the garden instead.

But before you do that, consider having professional landscaping done on a regular basis while you are away. In fact, this is a good idea even when you are home as it will give you a better chance to relax or take up that hobby you never have time for. Your landscape design could even improve with professionals on hand to care for it or even add to it.



The Advantages of Good Landscape Design

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A lovely landscape design not only adds value to your property, it can transform your outdoor area into a beautiful place to sit and enjoy Mother Nature’s bounty. Most homeowners don’t have the training that professional landscapers have undergone, so their attempts at landscaping fall far short of what is possible. The result is they don’t get the best out of their block of ground and the value of the home is less than it could be.

Even if your block is not as large as you would like, there are many lovely garden designs that can make it look larger or in many other ways enhance your enjoyment of life. If you are lucky enough to have a large block, proper landscaping can really enhance your space and provide an outdoor area that is totally amazing.

A good garden design can –

  • Create small, private pockets that delight your heart
  • Give privacy from the roadway, public path, or the neighbours
  • Create a windbreak that enables more delicate flowers to grow well
  • Offer shade in an otherwise hot area
  • Provide a delightful, safe and shady spot for the children to play
  • Cover up an eyesore such as an old shed or fence or wall that is not on your own property
  • Lead you into other areas of the garden
  • Create a peaceful oasis in a busy cityscape
  • Provide an aesthetically pleasing area to entertain or to relax and enjoy some down time
  • Add value to your property
  • Make your property stand apart from others
  • Give your home street appeal.