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7 Ways to Use Limestone Blocks in the Garden

7 Ways to Use Limestone Blocks in the Garden

If you are considering upgrading the landscaping around your home or commercial building limestone blocks are a good choice for many elements. Limestone is a durable material that is beautiful in its own right. It is strong enough to withstand being out in the weather all the time so is ideal for seating that does not have to be brought inside overnight to protect it from the weather.

There are many other ways to use limestone as part of your landscaping:-

  • Retaining walls. Most blocks that are on a slope will require retaining walls to ensure the soil does not wash away in a storm. But retaining walls can also be used as a garden edging where it needs to be that bit higher than a normal edging. Knee high or even hip high walls are often used to contain plants on a sloping piece of ground. Retaining walls can be used as a feature to enhance the garden or lawn.
  • If you have created a beautiful outdoor area for alfresco meals or entertaining, a wall of limestone can be used as a windbreak, for privacy or to throw some shade onto the area. This can be the ideal finish for your outdoor area to make it pop. It can take what looks a bit plain and convert it to something that is really different and pleasing.

  • Edging for the drive. If you have a long drive to your home and there is bushland on the other side, a limestone wall can create a divide between the bush and your driveway and lawn. It can also help to keep out rabbits or wallabies that risk being run over in the night when you are driving home. Above all it will create a beautiful addition to your property as a boundary fence.
  • For privacy. In residential areas people like to ensure their privacy. What better way to do it than adding a limestone fence along the boundary? It would certainly be an improvement on the usual steel fence that creates so much heat plants can hardly survive along it in the summer.
  • Limestone benches survive any kind of weather. They can’t be blown over and there is no worries about rain. You could make a circular bench with a nice back from limestone and add a fire pit support in the centre for the family and guests to enjoy in the cool of the evening.
  • Add a table to the above and you will be set for alfresco dining at its best.
  • Any block that is not dead level will need steps. Limestone blocks are ideal for sturdy steps whether you need two or ten.