Is Your Fencing Really Secure?


If you need security fencing, you must make sure it is truly secure. Not all fencing is as secure as it could be, leaving the property open to vandals or thieves. Loss of this kind can cause a business to founder, especially if it happens more than once. Not only do you have the loss of stock and damage to premises to pay for, but also your insurance premiums are likely to skyrocket.

So when inspecting the fence, look at these possible access points to ensure your property can remain safe.

  • The top of the fence. While the fence may be high, unless the top is lined with razor wire or bends over towards the outside, it can still be breached fairly easily. It only takes a ladder or an agile burglar to climb over by putting his toes into the diamond shaped space between the links. This cannot happen with a palisade type fence where steel posts are close together along the whole length of the fence.
  • The bottom of the fence. Don’t forget that someone could dig a hole under the fence, even if it reached down to ground level. Ground is not always level either, leaving a gap where the wire runs across the dip. The kind of commercial fencing with a cement base to prevent this, is the best.
  • Through the fence. Unless the fence is quite solid and strong, burglars may be able to get through it by cutting the wire or ramming a vehicle into it.

  • Trees can provide ingress if they grow close to the fence, especially if a strong branch extends over the fence. You may think a burglar would not attempt to climb in over a fence via a tree in case he could not get out again, but it is easier to get out because the top of the fence bends outwards. A stout length of rope would see most burglars out safely.
  • The gate is a potentially weak link in an otherwise strong fence if it is not as strong and high as the fence. Hinges and locks need to be secure and the posts on either side need to be doubly strong. Just like your front door, there’s no point in having a strong gate if the hinges or posts are not just as strong.

Once you’ve checked your fence and fixed up any potentially weak areas, you’ll have peace of mind that no burglars or vandals can enter your property. Commercial security fencing can also be used around the boundary of a large residential block to ensure safety. But make sure the kind of fence you choose is allowed by the council before you install it.