3 Main Ways to Clean Your Carpet


Most people who have carpet in their home will be familiar with vacuuming, but it is important to do it properly and to ensure you do all three if the carpet is to remain clean and look nice for its whole life. Professional carpet cleaning from a company like Brilliance Cleaning is a necessity to keep you and your children healthy, with no dust mites, fleas, or pet hair and dander to cause allergies.


Vacuuming the carpet is the most common way to clean all that dust and fluff off it. Simply walking on the carpet will make it grubby over time and grit, pet hair and lots of other nasties will penetrate deep into the fibre. Yet many people simply run the vacuum cleaner over the carpet quickly and believe they have done a good job of cleaning it.

Firstly, a vacuum cleaner needs to have strong suction, which mean the motor should be strong. Cheap vacuum cleaners don’t usually work that well for carpet, even if they do a good job on a hard floor.

Vacuuming the carpet should be done slowly so that the vacuum cleaner has time to dislodge the dirt and suck it up. A second pass should be done then, at a 90 degree angle to the first one. This allows the carpet fibres to be moved in a different direction, so that any dirt trapped under them the first time can be dislodged and removed.

The sticky beak attachment should be used to go around the edges of the carpet and around the legs of the furniture. In fact, the room should be dusted first so that the dust that falls to the floor can also be removed. However, if you dust with the vacuum cleaner this need not be done first.  Dusting with the vacuum cleaner has the advantage that all the dust on the furniture goes into the vac instead of the air.

Spot cleaning

When there are spills on the carpet it is wise to blot them immediately with paper towels, then wash the spot with your favourite cleaner until the stain is gone. Wipe towards the middle of the stain at all times to prevent spreading it. Learn the best ways to clean different types of soil. For instance, mud should be left to dry and then be scraped off, but coffee or wine should be cleaned straight away. An oil based stain or crayon can often be blotted up by ironing a paper towel that has been placed over it.

Professional cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is essential at least annually to get that deep clean, removing ingrained dirt and soil from deep in the carpet. Otherwise, this will gradually wear out the fibres and they will end up in the vacuum cleaner, making your carpet look thin and tatty.