Are Your Windows Carpet Friendly?

Windows Carpet Friendly?

These days it is the trend for windows to be large enough to let in that warming sun throughout the winter. Larger windows also increase the natural light in a room and allow you to enjoy the view from the privacy of your home, but are they carpet friendly? Most people don’t realise that large windows without the right window coverings can actually ruin your carpet. But Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth know that sunlight can fade the carpet just the same as it can fade the curtains.

These days we have rubber backed curtains or blinds that don’t fade to protect the curtains, but we often don’t think about the floor, except that there is a nice warm patch of sunlight on it for the toddler to play in. Unfortunately, that nice warm patch is gradually getting lighter in colour. Even carpet that is already a light colour can fade due to sunlight.

How can you stop that from happening? There are several options, depending on the location of the window and style of your home: –

  • Draw the blinds or curtains during the time the sun pours in the window. This will mostly be winter mornings or afternoons, depending on the orientation of the house, so it doesn’t mean you never get to look out the window.
  • Grow a shrubby bush outside the window for shade.
  • Put up a window awning – might be your next home improvement DIY project?

  • Place a mat or rug over the sunny spot for protection.
  • Add a shade sail outside the window.
  • Add a deck or patio to that side of the home.
  • Place furniture such as a chair in the spot. But if it is a fabric covered lounge chair, don’t forget it will fade too – unless you cover it with a rug.

Fortunately, once summer comes around and the sun is higher in the sky, sunlight shining in the windows will be less of a problem. But what can you do if the sunlight has already damaged your carpet? Unfortunately, it is not possible to add dye to a carpet once it has been laid. However there are a few quick, temporary fixes.

  • You may be able to rearrange the furniture so that the faded part is less noticeable.
  • You could add an area rug or mat.
  • Standing an urn of flowers on it will draw the eye away from the faded part.
  • Shrug and say too bad, that’s how it is.
  • Lie on the faded part and enjoy the sun on your face.
  • Replace the carpet.

What you choose to do will depend on your budget and your lifestyle. But whatever it is, don’t take out those windows.