Where to Party the Night Away in Bali

Where to Party the Night Away in Bali

Many travellers without family commitments go to Bali with their friends, looking forward to enjoying the nightlife and entertainment, of which there is plenty. They love to party at a different club each night – or several in one night – only returning to their villas in the wee hours of the morning. Some of the best venues to find music and dancing are in the southern regions of Bali at places like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Butik.

Here is a list of popular places to party the night away if you are so inclined: –

  • The 61 Legian Entertainment Complex holds 8 clubs and pubs with Sky Club on the roof being a popular choice for many tourists. You can dance the night away, but you will need sustenance and this can be found up on the Sky Club’s rooftop garden lounge with an all you can eat buffet for just 50,000 Rupiahs and free beer that keeps tourists and others coming back.
  • A legendary hotspot that schoolies seem to love is Bounty Ship or Bounty Discotheque as it is also known. A disco and dance floor will keep you swaying while the bar and restaurant will ensure you don’t go hungry or thirsty.
  • If you are into chic dining with a Middle Eastern restaurant on the top floor and a nightclub underneath go to Jenj in Seminyak. The bar is in the nightclub and serves cocktails and booze.

  • If you are an ultra night owl you might want to check out Mirror Bali Lounge and Club, also in Seminyak. Open from 11pm to 4 am, the place looks like a Gothic cathedral but the towering ceilings display laser lighting systems to help you dance on and on.
  • The hip young crowd love Engine Room in Legian because it opens in the afternoon so there’s no waiting around till 10 or 11pm to get in. In fact, many start to party in the afternoon and go on to other clubs such as Sky Club later on.
  • If you just can’t stop the fun, the Pyramid Club, on Jalan Dewi Sri is for you. It doesn’t shut till 6am so you can wobble your way home in the dawn or go take a dip before bed. Rave and techno are pumped out by visiting DJs to cheer you on.

There are numerous other club hotspots that you will no doubt find on your trip to Bali, so don’t limit yourself to just these. Why not start further away from your accommodation and work your way closer so there is not as far to go once your head is spinning too much or your dancing legs are about to collapse?