How to Use Your Frameless Glass Showerscreens Safely

How to Use Your Frameless Glass Showerscreens Safely

It is not only aging people who have poor close-up eyesight; many younger people do too. So if you are thinking about installing frameless glass shower screens, or if you have recently upgraded your home to include them, it is essential to know how to use them safely.  Glass in the bathroom has many advantages in allowing the light to shine into every corner, visually enhancing the entire room and making it seem bigger.

However, the experts advise those with eyesight that is not as sharp as it could be might tend to bump into glass screens. To prevent this from happening all you need to do is place a sticker of some kind on the glass door of the shower screen. Place it at eye level or a little lower, but not so low that it doesn’t catch your line of sight as soon as you enter the bathroom

Once you can see where the door is, you’ll have no trouble knowing where those almost invisible walls are as well.  Older people may even appreciate having a sticker on each wall as well, because once they are in the shower without spectacles and with water running down their face, they may find it more difficult to keep track of where they are in relation to walls and doors.

It is also wise to get into the habit of not leaving the shower door open so it juts out into a walk space. It is not a nice feeling to walk into something as solid as a glass door because you couldn’t see it.  Even with a sticker on it, older people can get confused and may think the sticker is on the wall behind the door. So make sure every family member closes the door after they have finished with the shower.

This applies to cleaning the shower stall as well. Once you clean those lovely clear panes of glass they will be even less visible, so having the stickers on them and keeping the door closed are two good ways to use your frameless shower screen safely.

Of course there are the small silver parts at floor level and at the top of the glass that hold it all together, but an older person who has never been used to seeing those things in the bathroom may just forget they mean glass is there. Besides, they are not really on a level with your eyes, so they can easily be missed by people with poor eyesight.

Once you have those stickers on, you will have peace of mind that everyone in the house will be safer from getting a bruise on their nose or face due to bumping into the door or walls of the shower screen.