6 Ways to Keep Safe During Renovations


Many people enjoy doing home renovations themselves, getting a lot of satisfaction in working with their hands – and tools – to create an improvement to their home and their lifestyle. Many renovations require you to move furniture out of the home and it is best to get a budget furniture removal company like Brilliance Removalists Perth in to do this, because they are much fitter for lifting than you are likely to be. They also have the aids that will help them. It will save back strain to have others do that heavy job. Here are some more tips to keep you safe during renovations.

  • Always wear eye protection. Even if you need to wear glasses, they don’t protect your eyes from flying debris or dust. You need to have goggles that will fit over the top and seal around the edges. They are made from stronger material than glasses and won’t shatter if a nail should fly into them. People have lost all or part of their vision because they didn’t follow this simple rule.
  • Wear a hard hat. Sure, we know that builders on construction sites wear hard hats, but many home renovators don’t even think about it. Things can fall on you, or you can get up and bump your head on something easily enough when crawling around the small spaces such as under the floor or the ceiling cavity. You only have one head; protect it.
  • Wear steel capped boots. It is easy to drop something heavy when doing renovations. Timber can bounce right onto your toes when you drop it. If you are working in joggers it can break your toe or a bone in your foot.

  • Another area often ignored by the home handyman is their lungs. Renovations mostly cause dust and this will be inhaled if you don’t wear a mask. Most of the dust comes from sawdust or plaster dust. A respirator is better in some cases and an essential part of protection if moving fibreglass or asbestos. In fact, you should leave that to the professionals.
  • No one would deny that home renovations are noisy. Using tools of any kind is usually noisy so your hearing can suffer if you don’t wear earplugs. That said, hearing things can contribute to your safety, so you don’t want to wear something that deafens you to sound completely.
  • Hands are something that are likely to sustain injuries. Even a blister can be painful, but you need to wear gloves to prevent chafing, pinching, splinters, burns and other things that can make doing renovations painful.

If you haven’t already, learn how to lift heavy things safely. There can be a lot of lifting involved in home renovations and the more careful you are the less likely it is that you will sustain an injury that could affect you for years.