Home Renovations that Add Value to Your Home

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If you are into home renovations, it is a good idea to choose those that add real value to the home because one day you may have to put it on the market and book a removal company like Brilliance Removalists Melbourne. When this happens it is good to know you can add the price of the renovations onto the price of the home and be likely to get it.  So what kind of renovations are likely to give you a return on the investment like that?

  • Experts tell us that most kitchen renovations add good value to the home; the kind of value you can get back when you sell. The kitchen is one of the hardest working rooms in the home and so is most likely to wear out. Upgrading it can cost a great deal, so it is wise to set a budget of no more than 2% of the home’s value and stick to it. This should be plenty to make a big difference in your kitchen, but you can still do renovations for less than that. Just adding more storage will make a kitchen more efficient. Repainting the walls and changing the lighting will make it look better and adding a moveable island will increase bench space, something that many chefs want. A new splashback and cupboard doors will lift your kitchen, too.
  • The bathroom is another area that can usually benefit from some renovations, especially in an older home where this important room is usually small and dark. Again, benchtop space is more important in the bathroom than most redecorators allow for. Storage is essential, lighting should be ample and the hand-basin should be big enough for people with large hands. Even adding a mirror opposite the window will increase the natural lighting and enhance use. How about adding a stool or low bench to sit on or put clothes on?

  • Living rooms these days never seem to be big enough. Once you have children, then invite a few guests over, your house may seem crammed with people. Enlarging by adding a deck with folding doors that can open right across the outside wall is one good way to increase the living space, but it may not be possible due to the house design. Consulting a builder will often give you a good idea of how to extend it. Perhaps you could enclose that front porch that is never used, or know out a wall into a bedroom that is rarely used.
  • Increasing the floor space in some way is always a good way to use that renovation budget. Adding another room or filling in one end of the verandah to make a spare bedroom or study may do the trick.