Are Long-Distance Relationships Real Relationships?


Are Long-Distance Relationships “Real-Relationships“? You have to wonder because there’s so many people asking the same question…

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This has a couple of answers depending on your outlook:

1. Is long-distance “real”? The word “real” is just a bad word. What’s “real”? Certainly, your long-distance relationship is just as “real” as any other kind. In fact, it’s not even that new a thing – long before the Internet, we had the concept of “pen pals”, where people would write each other letters through the post. And yes, people often dated this way through correspondence, too.

2. A better question is: “Does a long-distance relationship provide the same benefits as a face-to-face relationship?” No. It can provide many of the same benefits, but let’s face it, the closeness of human bonding is the whole physical aspect of relationships. No matter how many cute IMs you wink at each other, nothing beats a passionate kiss and a warm hug. And no matter how many torrid emails you write to each other, you’re still communicating through a filter. There’s all those things you can’t see unless you’re in person. We should be open to long-distance relationships, but only as a matter of necessity when we can’t have our significant other closer.