Avoid Litigation with the Right Scaffolding


Every building works needs some kind of scaffolding in order for the builders and other tradesmen to work on parts that can’t be reached from the ground. Scaffolding can be a simple structure for single storey buildings or a highly complex structure for the many high-rise buildings that go up in cities across the world.

One thing is for sure, the building cannot be completed without this structure and if it is not safe nasty accidents will happen. And often, lives can be lost. When the scaffold collapses it is usually because it was not designed or built properly. The fault for this lies directly with the building company who ordered the scaffold. They should know to only use a scaffold company that has a good reputation in the trade for doing excellent work.

All too often, the building company tries to cut costs or save time by not using the strongest materials for the job. In the end, they lose out because something is sure to go wrong. There will be an accident and then much time will be lost while an investigation is conducted into why it happened.

If there was serious injury, the employee or other person who suffered is likely to sue the company. There could be a class action against them if many people were hurt. This can take years to be done with and can ruin the company. It is far better to do everything to a high standard so that if an accident happens you cannot be held accountable. Even if it results in litigation, your company will not be convicted because investigation will prove nothing against it.

Avoiding litigation in the first place is a much better scenario.  It starts with ordering the best quality scaffold possible and this includes having it designed by engineers. It should also be erected by the same company, which will be one with highly experienced scaffolders. In some cases the building company can provide untrained workers to help erect the scaffold, but they should always be supervised by an experienced person.

Forget about saving time and money with short cuts; this does not work and is likely to give your company a bad reputation. It is far better to take things more slowly if it means making them safer and stronger. That way, the work will be done successfully without any accidents happening.

It is also essential to have the right kind of insurance, just in case an accident does happen. Building sites are known to be some of the most dangerous places in the world. Heavy machinery, building materials and many workers in the area are a dangerous mix. It is essential to have good supervision to ensure the utmost safety possible. That way you will be able to avoid litigation.