What’s Love Got To Do in a Relationship

What's Love Got To Do in a Relationship

When you think hard about relationships, you would understand how intricate they actually are. To safeguard any rapport for a long time needs tactfulness and sincerity. Every person on this planet tries to have an innumerable number of relationships. They can have a liaison based on pure friendship or it can be dating devoid of any commitments and it can also be the bond of marriage. Every relationship has its own significance.

The question here is what exactly is the role of love in a relationship. When you look back through the pages of literature, Shakespeare captured the hearts of many with his much-adorned sonnets and poems on love. According to him, love is supreme and eternal. These are of course poetic expressions. On a practical note, relationships can lose their charm if the partners involved have no feeling of love towards each other.

The scenario has changed today and love for many is just a word or rather an emotionless idiom. Lets not emphasize on those relationships that have no commitment in them. Such liaisons can make or break any time. But when we throw a glance at long-time relationships like marriage, the term love plays a pivotal role.

First of all, for a relationship to survive, it is necessary that two people like each other, a stage that later transcends into love. If you definitely are in love with one another you will tend to agree on what each of you think and you will notice that your relationship will have less problems as compared to others. Also, love can help you in supporting your partner in every aspect. It helps build a strong pillar of respect and trust towards each other.

If you unconditionally love your partner, the qualities of forgiveness, sacrifice, and mutual understanding, automatically builds inside you. Love is essential to make your relationship grow stronger. No relationship can continue existing without love. Love brings along with it care, affection and passion towards your partner. Love is that state in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

Love in a relationship gives you the ability to communicate well with your partner. You can talk in a deeper and fulfilling way to your spouse and this can have a great impact on your relationship. Love can make you realize how important your partner is for you.

Moreover, love in a relationship leads you towards strong commitment, promising to your self and each other to reinforce the feelings of love and to actively preserve the relationship. Commitment is what makes you really serious in your liaison, have an honest relationship, and pledge to be there for your partner in any circumstance in life.

In short, we can say that finding and keeping love is not just a quixotic idea. It all depends on how you build your relationship with the help of love. We can say that love conquers a relationship and it helps in building a strong relationship for the future. More and more people should believe in the traditional way of falling in love rather than end up as a case of ‘fatal attraction’.