Signs That Show You May Be In Love With The Wrong Person

Signs That Show You May Be In Love With The Wrong Person

Love can happen anytime, anywhere, and with any one. Everyone experiences love once in his/her lifetime. It is a great feeling that brings joy and peace.

However, if the person you fall in love with is not the right one, your life can be miserable. Love is certainly a beautiful feeling and can change your life for the better or worse. There are times when we initially love and adore someone and feel on top of the world to have a girl or guy like that. As days pass by, the same person may become someone you simply want to avoid.

There are many relationships that begin on a great note and then face a traumatic end, as the relation turns sour, just because one did not realize that the other was not the right person for them. Here are a few warning signs that will help you to figure out if you are in love with the wrong person.

-It is good to be caring and loving, but to be obsessed is not the right feeling in a relationship. Many find possessiveness to be healthy in a relation, but if he/she is trying to control your every move and wishes to have you all the time, then he/she is certainly not the one for you. Possessiveness may look sweet at the beginning, but as time passes, you will find it difficult to spend life with such a person.

-He/she is addicted to drugs or alcohol, cannot spend a single day without it, and not willing to go through a drug rehab program for you. They may be good people, but drugs and alcohol can turn them boisterous and make life miserable for you.

-He/she does not respect you. A healthy relationship enjoys respect and has to have space among partners. If you find him/her insulting and letting you down in front of others, then you should not continue with this relationship and move on in life.

-Every individual enjoys the freedom to do things and live life accordingly. If your partner is constantly dominating you and expects you to go his/her way, then in all likelihood you are hooked up with Mr/s. Wrong.

-A genuine person will love you the way you are. Someone who tries to change your outlook or the way you are would certainly be the wrong person in your relation. You should be proud about what you are and who you are and not change because the wrong person in relationship requires you to do so.

-He does not introduce you to the family. A person who really loves you would always want his friends and family to know about you. He would also want to be introduced to your family. If this does not happen, you better start thinking twice.

-He is a rude person. If someone does not mete out equal treatment or misbehaves with shop assistants or waiters, then he lacks manners and etiquette and would never be polite to anyone.

-A person who disrespects his/ her family is the one, who can never respect anyone in life. A person who is abusive and easily gets angry can cause trouble in your relationship.

-Last, but not the least, trust your intuition. Many a times your intuition can tell you if you are with the right person or not. Your gut feeling knows and tells you all.

If some of these are signs that you experience in your relationship, it’s time you do something about it. Love alone cannot help you to survive with the wrong partner. There has to be a blend of love, care, understanding, trust and compatibility. Listen to your inner voice and you would get the right answer.