A Man’s Guide To What To Wear With Western Boots

A Man’s Guide To What To Wear With Western Boots

There can be many reasons why a man would choose to wear western boots, also known as cowboy boots. He might find them the most comfortable footwear, he may like the styles and designs, he may love the fact that they are so hard-wearing, or it could simply be that he is a huge fan of all things associated with cowboys and/or old westerns.

No matter what reasons men are wearing western boots for, what many men might not be so certain about is what they should wear with their western boots. Now, we are sure many men wear western boots for practical reasons rather than trying to be stylish, and for them, they could not care less about how they look when wearing them.

However, there are certain to be men who wear western boots who also want to dress, not just for practical reasons, but also for how it makes them look and feel. So, in this article, we are going to provide some advice as to what men should wear with western boots, both for practical reasons, and also so that they look great too.

Trousers To Wear With Western Boots

  • Dress Trousers: Not every situation a man might wear western boots is going to be outdoors and in dusty terrain. It could just as easily be a function or event and thus dress trousers, possibly as part of a casual suit, will look perfectly fine.
  • Jeans: Almost certainly what the vast majority of men will wear at the same time as wearing western boots. Many jeans manufacturers have jeans classified as “boot cut” which are ideal for wearing with western boots.
  • Chinos/Khakis: These offer a middle ground between smart and casual. For these to work style-wise it is important to choose a colour to complement the colour of the western boots. The most popular colours are brown, tan, and olive.

Tops To Wear With Western Boots

  • T-Shirt: If it is hot and sunny, and the look required is “relaxed” then a t-shirt is the ideal top to wear. It is preferable to wear plain, non-branded t-shirts rather than branded ones such as Under Armour or Nike as these do not mix well with western boots culture.
  • Collared Shirt: When it comes to western boots, no top suits them better than a shirt with a collar. Whether it be a casual shirt or a smart shirt, it does not matter, provided that they suit the situation. The other bonus is that collared shirts suit jeans or dress trousers too.
  • Sports Jacket: These can meet the desire to look smart, casual, or somewhere in between. Again, these can match well with dress trousers or jeans.
  • Denim Jacket: Just as jeans are great for the bottom half, a denim jacket looks great on the top half. The rule of thumb is to try to not wear identically coloured blue jeans and a blue denim jacket.

Accessories To Wear With Western Boots

The accessories worn with western boots will often be up to personal likes and if truth be told, just about anything goes. However, the most popular western boots accessories include a thick leather belt for the trousers, a cowboy hat, or a bandana. Note that whilst spurs worn with western boots might complete the authentic cowboy look, they are impractical, so avoid them.