10 Tips Psychologists Will Give To Clients Who Wish To Retain Positivity

10 Tips Psychologists Will Give To Clients Who Wish To Retain Positivity

People will visit psychologists for all kinds of reasons, ranging from an ADHD psychologist to a bipolar psychologist, it would take a book rather than an article to outline them all. It would also take numerous volumes to explain the various techniques that psychologists will encourage their clients to follow to resolve the issues they are suffering from.

More often than not, the treatments and therapies that psychologists will suggest may contain more than one technique. As these progress, the psychologist may amend, add to, or curtail one or more techniques. Another point is that just as a building is built brick by brick, psychological treatments are often also a case of multiple techniques building upon each other, rather than one single technique.

One of the more common therapies that are used in psychology is positivity, or rather the aim to make a client’s feelings of positivity increase. Feeling positive about one’s self is thought to be one of the most effective ways to overcome several psychological problems, and positivity can certainly form the basis for a client’s road to recovery.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that positively can be encouraged and to prove this we have outlined no fewer than ten tips that psychologists will give to their clients to do just that. We hope you try some, if not all of them, as feeling positive is one of the most important mindsets you can have in furthering your mental and physical well-being.

Positivity Tip #1 – Always Be Mindful: Being mindful refers to you remaining aware of your thoughts so that you can recognise the negative ones and dismiss them and the positive ones which you should dwell upon for as long as possible.

Positivity Tip #2 – Use Positive Affirmations: Create a set of positive affirmations and make sure they are in the present tense. Read through them as many times in a day as you can. An example is “I am a positive person who always feels good”.

Positivity Tip #3 – Be Self-Compassionate: It is important to love yourself and to have self-compassion. This is not conceit or narcissism but instead healthy regard for yourself which should help you increasingly recognise your positive attributes.

Positivity Tip #4 – Start Meditating: One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to learn to meditate. Being able to remain in the moment with a still mind can be life-changing.

Positivity Tip #5 – Share Your Positivity With Others: If something positive happens do not keep it to yourself. Celebrate it by letting others share in your success as they will undoubtedly love having a positive person with them, rather than a negative one.

Positivity Tip #6 – Do Something Which Excites You: There are few better ways to push your positivity needle to the max than by following a passion and doing something that excites you enormously whether it be playing a sport, a hobby, watching a great movie, or simply eating at your favourite restaurant.

Positivity Tip #7 – Be Prepared To Be Flexible: Nothing you do is set in stone, and if a decision you have made is causing negativity, never be afraid to revise that decision for one which could provide to be a better outcome.

Positivity Tip #8 – Listen To Music: Possibly the simplest tip and one which even non-psychologists will tell you can make you feel extremely positive which is listening to music that you love.

Positivity Tip #9 – Avoid Negative People: Most of us know someone in our workplace, or neighbourhood who is always moaning and complaining. Unfortunately, this negatively can be passed along, so avoid these negative people as much as you can.

Positivity Tip #10 – Keep A Gratitude Journal: Reinforce positivity and also have something to refer to when you need reminding of all the positive things that have happened in your life by keeping a gratitude journal. Fill this in last thing at night so that you fall asleep with positivity as your last thought of the day.