Who Will do Your Commercial Property Maintenance?

Who Will do Your Commercial Property Maintenance?

Property maintenance is more important than you may realise. When it comes to the look of a commercial property it is essential that everything is in pristine condition if you expect customers to come. If anything about the property looks neglected or run-down, potential customers will be turned off, because (a) they will think your business is run the same way as your premises look and (b) they simply don’t want to go into a building that does not look welcoming.

Statistics don’t lie

It has been proven statistically that people flock to a public or commercial area that is attractive and pleasant to be in, while they avoid those places that look neglected or ugly. This is because our surroundings affect our mood just as much as being with happy people makes us feel happier too.

So if there is no one to do your property maintenance properly, it will soon become run down and begin to look unattractive. You will then lose customers. The trouble is that when you hire staff it is to help run the business, not to do repairs on the building and make it look nice. So you actually have to hire help to do this, because your own time is taken up in running the business – as it should be.

The landlord’s responsibility

Of course, if you are renting premises this is not your job unless repairs to the building are in your contract. Usually, high ticket repairs are done by the landlord, especially if it is something like the roof leaking or the plumbing not working. And it is the landlord who is usually responsible for hiring the maintenance team.

If you are the landlord of commercial premises it is essential to ensure they are kept in good condition, or when the lease comes up for renewal your tenant will be out of there as quickly as they can get. Then your building will be without a tenant – and you will be without an income – until you have it repaired, repainted and otherwise made to look welcoming and attractive.

Some repair jobs to get done

This can include anything from removing graffiti to having the parking area marked so customers know where to park. It may include having the grounds tidied up with bushes pruned and sticks dropped from trees picked up. Having rubbish cleaned out from gutters is also an essential part of keeping your premises in good repair. Leaves can soon clog up a gutter and cause it to rust out quickly, or they can cause the stormwater run-off to back up and overflow into the building itself, causing untold damage to the infrastructure.

But when these jobs are taken care of by regular property maintenance you will find that potential tenants come knocking on the door of the real estate agent wanting to sign the lease.