The Elements of Modern Kitchen Design

The Elements of Modern Kitchen Design

Regarding modern kitchen design, several elements may easily be missing in older kitchens, or in those flat-pack kitchens popular with many builders. To truly enjoy working in the kitchen, you need to have one that is more than just functional. Hotel kitchens are available, but that doesn’t mean they have all the elements a modern kitchen should have.

In fact, many kitchens, commercial or not, are poorly designed. They may not have good lighting, or the food preparation area may not be located conveniently to the sink or the stove. While they still work and the person who does the cooking gets used to the inconvenience, they could be much better.

Inconvenience in a kitchen is not only annoying and frustrating; it is also tiring. If you continually walk from one end of the kitchen to the other to get what you want, it takes longer to prepare the meal.  If you have to dodge doors that open into your standing or walking space, it can cause bruises when you bump into them.

Based on expert advice from Kitchen Professionals are some elements of modern kitchen design:

  • A workspace that is appropriately designed so the above problems are addressed.
  • Lighting that gives you spotlights for preparation rather than dark corners or working in your own shadow.
  • Plenty of storage is in the correct places so that everything you need is on hand. Many housewives dream of a walk-in pantry or storage area for things not used daily.
  • Enough bench space to prepare meals so cooking for a more prominent family or entertaining is not tricky.
  • A pleasant look and feel. If you love colour and your kitchen is plain white or grey, you may hate being in it, no matter how functional it is.

  • Ease of cleaning. You don’t want splash-backs, walls, cupboards or benches to be anything other than easy to clean with a quick wipeover. Why create more work for yourself?
  • Easy to reach. If cupboards or shelves are too high or too low, it can cause accidents or hurt your back.  And it is a nuisance having to use a step stool to reach crockery or ingredients.
  • Clean design with plenty of horizontal lines. This makes the kitchen space look wider and larger so you don’t feel crowded in even if the kitchen is smallish. It also means that multiple colours and textures are out.
  • The natural beauty of the materials used is allowed to shine out.

This is not easy to achieve when renovating your kitchen or even designing it yourself. A professional kitchen designer can suggest many ways to enhance this important room of the home that will delight you.