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Why Botox is so Popular

Why Botox is so Popular

Statistics show that the use of Botox Injections has increased exponentially over the last few years, making it the most popular treatment available to remove wrinkles. While it has other medical uses it is best known as a wrinkle treatment and many famous people owe their youthful looks to it. But why is it so popular? There are many reasons.

  • The truth is that women have always wanted to look young and beautiful with smooth skin that is wrinkle free. Having Botox injections are one way to achieve this, as it is used to treat those wrinkles known as frown lines and crow’s feet.
  • Very often, women need to look as young as possible to keep their jobs or to get a promotion. Sadly, the men responsible feel that a younger woman will do a better job – plus they like to be surrounded by youth and beauty
  • When women have jobs that keep them in the public eye a lot, they feel that removing wrinkles will make them more successful. This is partly due to the fact that wrinkles can make you look annoyed or grumpy even when you are not. This is simply bad for business.
  • Many women like to copy their idols on television, who use Botox to look younger.
  • Botox injections don’t take up a lot of time when compared to having a facelift. So a busy woman can fit them into her schedule without a lot of effort. Surgery for a facelift would take much longer, requiring a stay in hospital.
  • You don’t need to have anaesthetic with Botox injections. A topical anaesthetic cream may be used, but usually the injections just feel like a tiny pin prick. Since there can be side effects to even anaesthetic, doing without it is a plus.
  • Botox actually works! Many treatments to remove wrinkles don’t really work, especially if it is an over the counter product. They may make your skin feel tight for a while, but the wrinkles are still there, especially after you wash that cream off.
  • Botox lasts for a long time. Usually it is between 4-6 months which many women consider to be good, considering the small time it takes for treatment.

Many things today contribute to the formation of wrinkles apart from aging, stress, lifestyle such as smoking or being in the sun too much or being too close to the heater all winter.  This means you can look a lot older than you are all because of those pesky wrinkles.

Having Botox injections is a good way to fight off the onset of wrinkles and get back that youthful look that is yours by right of age. And of course, it also works for the older age group who want to chase the holy grail of youthful looks.