7 Factors That Affect How Much You Pay To Hire A Limo

7 Factors That Affect How Much You Pay To Hire A Limo

One of the most common queries that arise whenever someone is considering Limo Hire Perth, is how much it is going to cost. Doubtless, the limo hire company will provide a quote for the price in due course, but this leads to many people thinking of another question. That question is “What factors do limo hire companies take into account when determining their prices?”

This is a question that many limo hire customers barely give a second thought to, however, for those that are keen to know, we are happy to help. Below we have outlined seven of the main contributory factors that limo hire companies consider when they are preparing a price quotation for their customers.

Limo Hire Price Factor #1 – Limo Car Model

One of the biggest influences on the price of limo hire will be the make and model of the car you hire. This will also take into account the size of the limo hire car, its age, and the car’s perceived value. For example, a brand new Rolls Royce will cost more than a 5-year-old Mercedes.

Limo Hire Price Factor #2 – Distances To Be Travelled

It should be fairly obvious that the further you need your limo hire car to travel the more it will cost. This takes into account, not only the amount of fuel the car will require but also the fact that, as longer distances take more time to travel, that specific limo car will not be available for hire by the limo company.

Limo Hire Price Factor #3 – Number Of Pickup Points

If a limo hire car is simply picking you up from one location and driving you to another, it will cost less than if the limo is going to be required to pick up numerous people along the way, or if you want to stop off at several points en route.

Limo Hire Price Factor #4 – Time Of Day

This may not apply to every limo hire company, but you may find that hiring a limo car from certain companies at quiet times during the week, such as weekday afternoons, will cost less than it would at busier times such as weekend evenings.

Limo Hire Price Factor #5 – How Long The Limo Car Is Required For

Another simple one to understand, which means that the more hours you require the limo hire car, and as such, the longer the limo car driver is working and driving for you, then the higher the fee for hiring that limo car will be.

Limo Hire Price Factor #6 – Type Of Event

There will be limo hires which are straightforward and simply a means of getting from A to B in style for a night out. However, events such as weddings and prom nights which may require the car being decorated or having champagne and the like available will naturally attract a larger fee.

Limo Hire Price Factor #7 – How Many Cars You Hire

Probably the easiest of all to understand, and is nothing more than simple arithmetic. If you require two or more limo hire cars, it is obviously going to cost more than hiring just one. One suggestion we would make is that you should always ask about a discount if you are hiring more than one limo.