7 Corporate Event Ideas That Will Motivate Your Team

7 Corporate Event Ideas That Will Motivate Your Team

There are many reasons why a business owner might wish to research corporate event ideas. It could be to garner publicity for a new product launch, to cement their relationship with important clients, to build build staff teamwork with the help of www.teamworksdevelopment.com.au, or simply to get your staff together to thank them for an outstanding year.

Whilst all of those corporate events will bring benefits to the business, there is one type of corporate event that can bring many more, and that is one that has the prime goal of motivating staff. Any successful business owner knows that no matter how good their product is, without a motivated team behind them, the success of that business will be severely hampered.

This is the main reason why corporate events designed to motivate staff have proven to be so popular and so successful with regard to the subsequent progress that business has made. Here are some corporate event ideas that will help motivate your team.

Casino Night

A great way to have a corporate event that allows your team to relax and have fun together is to have a casino themed evening. You can hire a company who will bring all the equipment and the croupiers and as well as food and drink, your team can try to win some money. You could even give each person a $100 stake courtesy of the company to thank them for their hard work.

Axe Throwing

This is definitely something most of your team are unlikely to have tried before, but when they do, they will love it. It requires a mixture of competitive spirit and skill as they compete to score the highest number of points by throwing axes at a target. This combined with some food and drink, which axe throwing centres usually have, will make it a highly enjoyable corporate event for all. Find out more at www.kissmyaxe.com.au

Team Sports Day

You can either theme this around a single sport or better still for several different sports during the day. You could include football, rugby, cricket volleyball, netball, or basketball. Where you can, try to make the teams equal so have a mix of ages, sexes, and abilities with regards to specific sports, in each team.

Karaoke Night

Maybe not the most original idea, but the reason they are so popular and used so often is that they are highly successful and a lot of fun. You could offer all sorts of prizes, and not just for the best singers. How about one for the worst singer, or for the best duet?

Potluck Lunches

This can be done in several ways, and one idea is that each team member writes down their favourite restaurant, you then you draw the winner from a hat and that is where you take the team to lunch. Alternatively, you can make a draw for which team member is cooking lunch and bringing it in.

Go Kart Racing

This is another event that motivates the team, and in this case, the motivation is to drive faster than any of their teammates. This is suitable for both small teams and larger ones with the former being able to be split into teams who compete against each other.

Volunteering Day

This speaks to the charitable nature of your team where they agree upon a good cause and then spend the day doing voluntary work for that cause. It could be fundraising, helping out at their premises, or delivering gifts to underprivileged children. In fact, the options are endless, and everyone will definitely feel good about what they have done.