How to Avoid Costly Delays with Plant Hire


When it comes to property renovation or building a new home, it is highly likely that excavation will be needed. Even the simple addition of a room may mean shifting loads of earth before you can start. Plant hire from professionals is best, especially if you are a home handyman renovator, because you can get advice on what kind of equipment you need and how big it should be.

The importance of size

There are many different sizes of excavating equipment and what you need for adding a room to a home on a gently sloping block would be quite different from levelling a whole housing site on a block that slopes a little more steeply. If you hire equipment that is not large enough for the job it will cost you in time – even in time taken to send the wrong sized excavator back and hire another one.

But if you hire an excavator that is far too big you may not even to able to get it onto the construction site. Many homes only have a narrow space between the wall of the house and the boundary fence. You can get a tiny excavator through, but not a large one. So size is important when choosing your equipment. You can’t always take down the boundary fence and invade the neighbour’s property.

In addition, a larger than necessary excavator – or any other equipment that is too large for the job – will cost you in terms of fuel and hourly hire, since the larger the equipment the more expensive the rate of hire would be. So it is highly essential to choose the right one.

What’s underground besides more dirt?

Another thing that is essential to avoid delay is finding out where any underground cables are before you start digging. Imagine the horror of digging up an electric cable or breaking water or plumbing pipes. That would certainly add to your costs and the delay in getting them fixed would put your building schedule far behind what you had planned.

Avoid weather delays

Even listening to the long range weather predictions can avoid delay. If rain is predicted you know not to hire the excavator for that particular time. Don’t hire any equipment the week after heavy rain is due either, because the ground may be too muddy to work on.  Choose a week of fine weather if you want that job to go ahead quickly and without any kind of delay.

There are many renovation jobs that require plant hire, so these few tips on what, how and when to hire it may help you to keep that job on schedule and save you money in the long run.