7 Different Roof Styles for Patios

7 Different Roof Styles for Patios

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When you decide to add a patio to your home you will need to make certain decisions such as where to put it and what to use it for. You will also need to decide on the style. While styles for may be limited due to the simplicity of the structure, the roof will be what sets it off and adds to the look of your home. There are at least 6 different roof styles for patios.

  • The flat roof. As the name suggests, this roof is entirely flat. This makes it ideal for a carport when added to the side of the home. However, it may not suit the front of the home so well, unless your house also has a flat roof.
  • The gable roof. This is a pitched section in the middle with a flat part at each side. A pitched roof gives a bit more air space to keep things cooler and adds interest to the look.
  • A curved roof patio is similar to the gable, only instead of two sides rising to form a peak in the middle, that section has a graceful curve that can really suit the contemporary home.
  • A gazebo style hip patio roof is somewhat more sophisticated and much more interesting, with the hip part in the centre extending out past the edges of the structure. It is supported by an extra leg, so if an uninterrupted view is important, you might want to choose another option.
  • The heritage gable patio roof is not flat anywhere. Instead, it sloped from the centre down to each side and a sloping extension at the front extend to the whole length of the patio, making it more of a square than a rectangle. Ideal for those who want a larger patio.

  • The sunroof patio roof has move-able slats that can open and shut to take advantage of the warm sun or shut it out altogether. It is waterproof so you won’t have to run inside should a shower blow up suddenly. This type of roof can be flat or gable, but not curved.
  • The 7th option is more like a pergola, with the roof open only for 5 beams along the length. The benefit of this is it lets more light into the house, should the patio be situated along a wall with windows. Shade cloth could be added to the roof if needed.

So to decide which kind of roofing style you want, consider where the patio is to be installed, what use you will make of it and the style of your home. It also helps to see pictures of these roofs to get a better idea of what they look like on the structure.