More to Cabinet Making Than Meets the Eye

More to Cabinet Making Than Meets the Eye

Home handymen might think making a cabinet is an easy project. All you need is a few pieces of timber, some nails and screws, a tape measure and square. But professional cabinet makers such Colray Cabinets would tell you it is not as easy as you may think. First you have to think about the style of your kitchen cabinets.

For instance, do you want modern, contemporary or some other kind of style? Unless you know what style you are going to build you will not be able to purchase the right materials. Then again, once you settle on the style you want, will it actually look good in your kitchen, or will it stand out like a sore toe? You will need to be sure the cabinet suits the other components in your kitchen.

Getting the measurements right can pose another problem. You might measure the gap where that cabinet is to go only to find after the cabinet is built that the top measurement differs from the bottom one for some reason. Maybe the floor is not perfectly level or perhaps your fingers slipped when you took the measurement.

You will need to decide whether the cabinet should be a built-in, or if you will make it out in the shed and simply slot it into place when it’s finished – if it fits. Then you’ll need to fill in the gap between it and the wall if you don’t want it to fill with dust and things that fell off the back of the cupboard. And there are the gaps on both sides to deal with.

When you choose a professional cabinet maker to build the cabinets they have access to CAD drawings to design the cabinet and show how it will look in the kitchen once it is finished. The specifications will be exact and you’ll even be able to choose deep drawers rather than shelves for storage in the cabinet. This will allow much easier access – and you can fit more in a drawer than you can on a shelf.

Most kitchen cupboards these days are built-ins to ensure there are no gaps between them. This makes the kitchen much easier to keep clean and besides, it looks a lot nicer. Professional cabinet makers can do a much better job of fitting and building than most handymen, who have not had the training or the experience to get that professional look.

They also have many tools of the trade that are not available to a home handyman. The tools for hobbyists are not as strong. They are meant mainly for repairs and other small jobs around the home where a few mistakes won’t be noticed.