Rolling Stone Café Well Known Musical Spot in Jakarta

Rolling Stone Café Well Known Musical Spot in Jakarta

Rolling Stone Café did not get its name from the band but rather from the premier music magazine known around the world. The Rolling Stone Café in Jakarta is the third Rolling Stone Café to open its doors. The first one was in Japan followed by one in Los Angeles, and then the one in Jakarta, which was met with great excitement. It didn’t take long for the café to catch on, thanks partly to the notorious nature of the magazine, which helped to build recognition.

The interior defiantly is an eye catcher – the glass building located on Ampera Street is mainly decorated with red and black leather. The food served is all your well known comfort foods of the west including steak, ribs, nachos, burgers, and pasta dishes.

Every night there is life music that plays on a small stage on the Rolling Stone Café’s second floor – you will find playing jazz, acoustic, easy listening, and classic rock. In the backyard there is a swimming pool where there can be events held that could hold up to 4,000 people.

The Rolling Stone Café has hosted numerous gigs since it opened including a number of charity events. But the real event it is known for is the monthly magazine release party that is held here. The release party has some of the best performances by upcoming acts and well known acts. It gives musicians an opportunity to interact with music critics, local celebrities, and fans in a very intimate setting.

Be sure to stop by the Rolling Stone Café for an experience you will not soon forget.

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