Why the Visible Results of Liposuction are Delayed

Why the Visible Results of Liposuction are Delayed

Once you have had liposuction, you may look eagerly into the mirror to see the new you. However, you may feel quite disappointed when you don’t see any difference. Or maybe the treated areas look even worse than they did before. Not to worry!

The reason why you can see no visible difference is because your body has not had time to heal yet. It takes weeks before the bruising and swelling go down and in fact, it may even take months for the swelling to subside and until it does, you won’t be able to see the effects of the body sculpting performed on your body by the doctor. While many people find it difficult to wait, there is no way that this time can be avoided.

Remember, you have had surgery and if the area treated was a large one, your body will take longer to heal than if you only had one or two incisions. This would all have been discussed with your doctor before the procedure, but sometimes you don’t always realise exactly how long it will take until you are going through it personally.

Why it’s important to follow post-op care directions

It is vitally important to follow all the after-care instructions your doctor gave you. Doing so will ensure that your body heals without any problems. You will need to wear the compression garment or elastic bandages until the designated time, for the best results. Taking if off before this time is up will have a negative impact on your body sculpting procedure.

In addition, the compression will not only help to ease the tenderness you feel; it will also help the incisions to heal without leaving visible scars. It will help to prevent the rippling effect that is sometimes seen after large areas are treated by liposuction.

Give yourself some TLC

Anyone who takes off the bandages then goes swimming or sunbaking is just asking for trouble. Your skin has to have time to recover completely before you subject it to any harsh treatment. You should also be guided by your doctor regarding any other activity that is less than gentle. If your incisions are only half healed and are torn open by sudden violent movement, you only have yourself to blame if the scars remain visible for all time.

Giving yourself some TLC will ensure that your body does heal properly, even though it may take longer than you want it to. Don’t return to work until the doctor tells you it is okay to do so. Once the incisions are healed, you could try using some gels or supplements that are good for scarring, such as Aloe Vera and vitamin C. Soon you will find the new you emerging from the side-effects of the liposuction treatment.