Why Dental Implants Are The Best Option To Replace Missing Teeth


People lose their teeth for all kinds of reasons and dentists will inform you that not all of them are a result of poor oral hygiene. Many a tooth has been lost whilst playing contact sports, as a result of a fall, during a fight with someone, or from someone assaulting the person in question. In addition, we have the aforementioned poor oral hygiene, and certain illnesses can also make someone more prone to their teeth becoming loose and falling out.

Modern science has not yet come up with a way of us growing new teeth, although research into stem cells might offer us one pathway to that in the future. Until then, we are not there yet, so we currently only have solutions to missing teeth that are artificial, however, some are very effective to the extent that anyone looking at someone who has had their teeth replaced, cannot tell the difference.

One solution which any Perth Dentist will tell you has grown enormously in popularity over the past 30 years is dental implants. In practice this involves embedding small posts, usually made from titanium metal, into the jawbone, and screwing the replacement teeth into these posts. As such dental implants do follow a procedure that includes assessments, manufacturing, fitting, and ultimately minor surgery using either a local or in a few instances, general anaesthetic.

Dental implants do have their pros and cons, with one downside often cited being the high initial cost of them, although as you will see if you read on, this is often seen as a small price to pay for the transformation dental implants can make to an individual’s life. Here are some of those advantages in some detail and why, for many, dental implants are the best solution to their missing teeth.

Little Or No Maintenance Costs

One aspect of dental implants that most other options cannot offer is the low level of ongoing costs. Unlike dentures which require soaking and bonding agents, whitening which has to be repeated multiple times, and veneers that need to be replaced, dental implants incur none of that expenditure, which, over time, soon adds up to a considerable amount.

Look And Feel Like Natural Teeth

More than any other tooth-replacement solution, dental implants not only look more like natural teeth, but, to the person who has them, they feel more natural too. If you think about dentures, which can slip and move around in your mouth, and how unnatural that would feel, then you get can see there is no comparison.

In addition, having natural looking teeth replacements has led to many patients stating that their dental implants have transformed their lives by giving them back their self-confidence, simply from the fact that they are no longer afraid or embarrassed to open their mouth, including when they smile.

Durable And Long Lasting

Whilst many other tooth replacement products are prone to being damaged, breaking, or wearing, dental implants can offer as close to a permanent solution to your missing teeth as it is possible to do. You will recall we mentioned the titanium posts which are durable and can literally last a lifetime, well these form the foundation of your dental implants and their durability is second to none.

As a result of the robust materials used to make dental implants, they are also less prone to accidental damage, when chewing for example. This means that you can safely chew and eat all your favourite foods without fear of breaking your dental implants.

Prevent Further Jawbone Deterioration

The titanium inserts which are embedded in your jawbone take the place of the missing roots of the teeth you have lost. As such they help to prevent further deterioration of your jawbone which would have occurred and over time would have led to further dental health issues.