Does Your Shade Sail Really Work?

Does Your Shade Sail Really Work?

If you are looking to shade your home or garden, it would be very frustrating to have one installed only to find the shade is cast in a different place from where you wanted it, or that it didn’t throw enough shade. If you’ve ever been to a park or other public place where shade sails have been erected, yet found there was very little or no shade, you may wonder if they really work.

Part of the problem is that you may have been there at a time when the sun was in a different position than the one chosen to give shade. For instance, early morning shade will be missing if the angle of the sail was set to provide shade at midday or later in the afternoon. This is why you need to give some thought as to exactly what you want your sail to do.

If a sail is to throw shade onto the walls of the house, the angle of it will need to be different from one that is to provide shade on the ground at noon. The shape of the sail must also be taken into consideration. In addition, you’ll need to ensure the sail is stretched in the right way to avoid wind shear and prevent water or wind-blown debris from sitting in the middle and weighing it down.

This is why you need to have an experienced installer on the job. Sails work really well when they are installed in the right way to throw shade where you want it, when you want it. Luckily, if you’ve installed a sail yourself and it doesn’t do what you hoped, you can get an experienced installer to take a look and work out the right angle. It won’t be all that expensive to re-position the poles so they give shade where you want it.

It’s important to also get a sail of the right shape for the area you want to have shaded. You can get square, triangle, rectangle or a custom-cut shape. This is what makes them such a good choice. The right shape sail for your location is essential to get the best amount of shade for the time of day you want it.

Having shade can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your day and they are especially good for people who can’t manage a garden with trees and shrubbery that need to be looked after and pruned, or for those without room to have natural greenery around their home. Of course, you can still have a sail even though you also have a garden. Adding additional shade will allow your garden to flourish and you’ll be able to have a greater variety of plants when you have the right conditions for them.