Dos and Don’ts for Healthy Nails

Dos and Don’ts for Healthy Nails

When you use your hands every day, it’s not all that easy to keep them in the best condition. However, if you have access to the best natural body care products and you set yourself “rules” for looking after your nails, you can be well on your way to better nail health and nails that look stunning. Here’s what you need to know.

Do Use Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

You use your hands every day, and by doing so, you are exposing them to a lot of damage. To prevent some of that damage, and to make sure it doesn’t affect your hands and nails as much as it could, select natural body care products such as hand and nail cream.

The best nail creams on the market are ones that feature organic or natural ingredients such as almond oil and aloe vera – both of which help to keep your skin hydrated and your nails in tip-top condition.

Do Limit Exposure to Chemicals and Moisture

Whether you’re pottering around in the gardens, doing the dishes, or even doing a load of laundry, you are exposing your nails to some reasonably gnarly chemicals. What’s more, when you put your nails in water for long periods, you are increasing the risk of softening them which can cause them to split.

Do Perform Nail Maintenance

Instead of leaving your nails to their own devices, look after them as you would your skin with natural body care products. Use manicure scissors to trim them, and round the tips in a curving motion. What’s more, when you finish cutting them, apply nail treatment cream as a finishing touch.