Adwords Marketing Simplified

Adwords Marketing Simplified

Business people who talk about Google Adwords marketing know that it is a way to increase their profits exponentially if done properly. But often, businesses don’t spend enough on advertising to make a profit. That’s not to say you have to spend thousands, although larger businesses can and often do. But when you are starting a new business, this kind of budget is rarely available. That doesn’t mean to say adwords marketing is out of your reach; it just means you need to set your budget properly.

If you are starting to feel a bit confused, here are 3 tips to simplify things.

  • You can get started for as little as $25 per week
  • Google adwords can be as simple or as complex as you like. Keep it simple if you are new to it.
  • Have patience. Don’t quit too soon, but watch your spend carefully.

When you start your adwords campaign you’ll have many blanks to fill in on the adwords forms. The main ones are your daily spend, the target audience, and writing your ad. The adwords website makes it all quite easy to fill in with automatic infill in some cases.

When setting your budget you have to work backwards from the profit per sale to the conversion rate cost and the cut you give to Google. But setting a low daily budget will ensure the ad is not shown after the limit is reached, so it can never ‘accidentally’ cost you more.