A Guide To Upgrading Your Car’s Exhaust: Choosing The Perfect Fit

Unveiling the Power of Aftermarket Exhausts

Your car’s exhaust system isn’t just a mundane component you pick up from exhaust shops; it’s the linchpin of performance and power. It’s the escape route for the gases produced during internal combustion, allowing your engine to start the combustion process swiftly. The key to optimal performance lies in the efficiency of this gas exit. Besides enhancing power, aftermarket exhaust systems also allow you to tailor the aesthetics, sound, and rev of your vehicle.

The Mandrel Bend Magic

A pivotal distinction is in the bending technique used on the pipes. Stock systems often employ crush bending due to its cost-effectiveness. However, this method introduces restrictions at bends, impeding the car’s performance and horsepower. On the flip side, custom systems embrace mandrel bending, maintaining a consistent diameter throughout the exhaust pipe with the aid of a flexible rod. This difference can translate to a noteworthy horsepower boost, potentially up to 10%.

Exploring the Exhaust Spectrum

In car exhausts, you’ll encounter three main types: header-back, cat-back, and axle-back.

Header-back systems: These comprehensive setups let you replace all components from the header collector to the tailpipe, giving you supreme control over exhaust flow and a substantial power boost.