Pro Golf and Pro Turf

Pro Golf and Pro Turf

When the US PGA, 2017 finished, everyone focused on the game the winners played, rather than the turf. The winner was an American golfer, Justin Thomas. The golf course was the famous Quail Hollow, and for those who don’t think watching golf on TV is like watching paint dry, they would have seen the way the course was prepared for a major championship. The pros of golf like Australia’s Jason Day, Adam Scott and John Senden play on the best courses.

When it comes to golf, the pros know their turf. And if you are talking about golf turf, then golf course superintendents аrе рrоѕ аt mаnаgіng golf turf. It’s their job to know their grasses. What are the best types for toughness and durability and grasses that make a golf course look so beautiful?

Course Maintenance

The job of maintaining the course is the responsibility of the course superintendent. They make sure it gets fertilised, watered, mowed and shaped so that the result is great looking greens and fairways. To be honest, a great golf course, properly maintained, helps even the golf hackers to improve their scores. Golf course designers and superintendents understand that there is the need a variety of different turfs to create the best surface for a particular part of the course. Taking care to choose the best kind of turf will ensure the golf course becomes a popular one.