What’s in Your Garage?

Many homeowners are restricted in what they can put in their garage due to the small area  available. Even many luxury homes are designed for just two cars and that leaves nowhere for the boat, a caravan, a jet ski or golf buggy to go, not to mention the golf clubs, the children’s bicycles, or as they get older, perhaps motorbikes.

In fact, it’s time home designers took a leaf out of Sam Sorgiovanni’s book. Sam Sorgiovanni designed the yacht Anastasia in 2008 and he included plenty of space in the ‘garage’. Much more than you’d find in most luxury homes. So what is in the Anastasia’s garage?

  • 4 tenders (smaller launches) ranging from over 9 metres to almost 7 metres.
  • 4 Wave Runners
  • Several Jet skis
  • A storage rack for 8-10 full body wetsuits
  • Other water toys such as windsurfers and snorkelling gear
  • Storage cupboards for the above.

The Anastasia also has a full gym, Jacuzzi and aquarium for the enjoyment of guests. She sleeps 12 guests and has room for 20 crew. Of course, she is 75.5 metres long, so there is plenty of room.