All You Need To Know About Choosing A Funeral Headstone Or Monument

Funeral directors provide a range of services and products for bereaved families, and one which does need considerable thought by those purchasing it is the headstone or monument that will be placed at the grave of the departed. We are writing this with advice from funeral directors at, not just for those who have lost a loved one but also those who plan to have every aspect of your funeral pre-arranged and possibly paid for.

We do so due to the increasing number of people who wish to have peace of mind, not just for themselves, but more especially for their family, so that, when they pass, their loved ones do not have the added stress of making decisions, including the location, invitations, and of course, the headstone or monument.

Terminology – Headstone vs. Monument

One of the first things people become confused with is the terminology, and they often think that a headstone is the same as a monument. What confuses them further is that other terms are used to describe headstones, such as tombstones and gravestones.

For this article, we will continue to use ‘headstone’ and explain that its definition is a marker placed at the head of or over a grave, and in most instances, they and any base they sit on are made of stone.