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What You Need to Know About the Ab Roller Wheel

Date Added: April 12, 2011 08:48:32 PM
Author: Tom Cut
Category: Health Blog
The famous ab roller wheel! Just a small piece of equipment but it is so successful when the main concern is the strengthening of your core. Other than your core, your back and arms are also strengthened. So many individuals were so curious about whether it could actually work the first time it was released. I plan to share, in this article, the correct technique when using the ab roller wheel so that you will not come up with unnecessary problems with other muscles after your workouts. Many people go trhough a lot of pain from aching muscles due to wrong posture when attempting specific exercises. The Proper Technique Place an exercise mat or cushion under your knees so that it is comfortable Get your ab wheel with both hands and hold it by the handles While in a kneeling position, bend over just enough to place the wheel on the ground in front of you. Keep your back straight While keeping your back straight, slowly roll the ab wheel forward until your hands are stretched all the way out Keep in that position for at least 3 seconds and slowly move back into your starting position It is extremely important to keep your back straight and abs tightened when going through every motion Repeat this for a total of 8-12 times for 3-4 sets Why the Ab Wheel? The ab roller is as effective as every other exercise ball and medicine ball ab workouts. They provide further stability and it makes you to put in a more balanced effort causing more muscles in your core and upper body alike to work harder. This piece of equipment can be used just about anywhere as long as there is space for you to perform through the motions. They do not cost that much yet it works better at developing your core when compared to other ab workout machines. However, to make your workouts more effective, I advise that you include the ab roller wheel workouts with other resistance training into a circuit training routine. Circuit training is actually an effective way of burning fat and when combining the ab developing capabilities of the ab wheel with other fat burning workouts, you are going to get the most out of your workouts. To Conclude The ab roller wheel was made for people who love to keep their workouts interesting and want to get rewarded for their hard work. The don't cost much and yet it does more work than most expensive gym equipment. Looking for more interesting info on the ab roller wheel and other great fitness equipment and workouts? Check out our resource page "" and don't forget to grab your free gift!
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