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Hosting Technology Blog

Blog hosting for a new bloggers that have tips on marketing your  blog. Also they provide forum hosting that have a good range price.

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Vector Graphics

Vector graphics with all its stunning designs remains quiet compared to its loud photo manipulative companion.

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Psychedelic Design

If you will hear the word “psychedelic,” you may refer to the hallucinatory state of mind, distorted perceptions, altered state of consciousness caused by drug use.

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Ten Things That Make a Website Fail

Some web designers (mostly the inexperienced ones) have the tendency to incorporate every design element they know on the websites they are building in the hopes of creating stunning sites that would attract more visitors.

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How to Make Grunge Design in Photoshop

To give a brief background about “grunge”, it is a 90’s music trend which emerged from the band Nirvana lead by Kurt Cobain.

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Graphic Design 101: The Basics

Graphic design is the art and process of putting together text and graphics to be able to effectively communicate a message. Companies usually hire a web solutions company which provides graphic design services.

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Surrealism Across Centuries, from 1920’s Painting to 2000’s Graphic Arts

Surrealism is an early 1920’s art movement which influenced visual arts, literature, film, music and philosophy. Surrealism can be easily enjoyed in the field of visual arts.

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Principles of Design

People could hardly imagine the internet’s technology. If you are destined to be an I.T. person, you will dare to plunge in the virtual world of bytes, cable, code, database, server, soft to hardware, and networking which are all ruled by geeks.

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Content Writing and Custom Web Design

Textual content for websites are as important as the website design.

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Grunge & Graphic Design

The dictionary literally describe “grunge” as filthy or dirty. person might say “Nirvana”. What’s the connection between grunge and Nirvana plus

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Things to consider when designing a website

A lot of websites are launched everyday. However, only a few of them can be considered effective in providing users with the information they are looking for and giving the owners the much needed traffic they need to boost sales and profits

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Distinction Between Art & Design

Drawing a line between art and design might create some confusion if it’s your first time to hear this. Art and design have the same output which is an artwork but still remain distinct with each other.

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Outstanding skills of the Dallas web designers

and a proper web presence can be of immense help. The Dallas web designers are well aware of the fact that a good web portal can highly increase returns Proper information dissemination can be considered to be the main cause that leads to business ma

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Web site design - Is Clients Input Important

One must agree that input from client as well as the input from the experience designer simultaneously makes an outstanding web design in place. As an initiative vendors do ensure that client has the last say and every input that can be incorporated

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